Pit Boss ErH Code [Meaning, Prevention, & How to Fix It]

The Pit Boss pellet smoker makes it both easy and fun to prepare any of your favorite foods without a lot of effort. However, like all electrical appliances, there are error codes that require troubleshooting. In this article, we’re going to look at the Pit Boss ERH code and everything you need to know about it.

Pit Boss ErH Code Meaning

The ERH code is an indication that the unit has overheated possibly due to a grease fire, excess fuel, or the temperature probe wire isn’t properly connected.

Pit Boss ErH Code

While I’ve only had to deal with a blown fuse, I’ve been fortunate to not have to deal with a Pit Boss ERH code. However, after being at a friend’s house the other day, they had this issue pop up.

I thought I’d do some research on it, especially, as my Pit Boss grill is getting older, it’s more likely to experience these types of issues.

So here’s what I’ve learned after trying to help my friend fix the error code on her grill. Hopefully, it helps you get your grill fixed.

Pit Boss ErH Code Fix?

It was our first time dealing with this issue, but here’s what we did to get the grill working again.

There are a few reasons that can cause the ErH code and what you should do when you’re experiencing this issue.

Turn off The Grill

First things first, turn off the grill and allow it to cool. Remember, the main reason you’re seeing the ErH code is that the grill got too hot. You can’t troubleshoot the issue until the grill has been turned off and cooled enough to touch.

Unplug the Grill

Always unplug the grill from the electrical outlet before troubleshooting it. Unplugging the grill will prevent the grill from being turned on accidentally, which can cause an injury.

Too Much Fuel

Once the grill has cooled, remove the pellets from the Pit Boss. Next, confirm all the electrical components are functioning properly. You may have to start the grill without the pellets, to ensure the auger is turning properly, the fans are functioning properly, and etc.

Since you’ve removed the pellets from the grill, it’s the perfect time to clean the interior of the grill, including the RTD temperature probe. Cleaning the grill will help you get familiar with the inside of the grill and ensure all the components are positioned properly.

Grease Fire

If you’re experiencing the Erh message due to a grease fire in the cooking chamber, turn the grill off immediately, and wait for the flames to go out before tending to the grill.

The flames should go out on their own once the power is turned off. You may need to shut the lid, to cut off the oxygen supply to the fire. If that doesn’t help, then consider dousing the fire with baking soda or salt to extinguish the fire.

Once the fire is out, determine what’s causing the fire, before turning the grill back on.

Improper Connection

Sometimes the ErH code will display on the LCD screen due to a result of an improper connection between the temperature control system and the probe wire.

This can be more challenging, especially, if you’re not a very techy person. However, if I was able to replace the control board on my Pit Boss, without a lot of technical skills, you won’t have any issues checking your Pit Boss for wire damage.

With the power off and unplugged from the electrical outlet, check the wires, for damage and ensure they are all plugged securely into the control panel.

Where to Get Help for Fixing Pit Boss ERH Code?

There are several places to get help when dealing with Pit Boss error codes. I’ll share where I’ve looked whenever I have any type of questions or just looking for tips on using the grill.

Pit Boss Customer Support

Pit Boss has a customer support system that makes it easy for you to get in touch with them. The downside is that it can take a long time to hear back from them.

I’ve personally had to wait several weeks just to hear back from them when I had an issue with my grill. If you’re dealing with error codes, it’s best to check the owners manual.

Online Forums

There are several online forums where other people share their personal experiences of dealing with Pit Boss error codes. This forum is where I always browse whenever I have any questions or problems with my grill.


YouTube is a great place to find help for any troubleshooting issues you may have. I personally have a YouTube channel that can help you learn how to use the Pit Boss grill.

I’m always learning how to use my grill, and by no means do I consider myself an expert. However, I’m always sharing whatever I am cooking and troubleshooting my grill.

The latest video I created was when I replaced the Pit Boss control board with the Smoke IT control board, you can see the video here.

Owners Manual

The owners manual is my go to whenever I have any questions regarding anything on the grill. There is a troubleshooting section in the manual that walks you through on each of the Pit Boss error codes and what to do to fix each of them.

How to Prevent The ERH Code?

The best way to prevent the ErH code or other issues is to ensure you’re following the Pit Boss care and maintenance recommendations.

Pit Boss recommends cleaning the grill regularly, implementing the burn-off procedure after every cook, using the proper pellets, and caring for the probes properly.

Final Word

Troubleshooting a Pit Boss is never fun. Hopefully, this guide has helped you resolve the issue and you’re able to finish cooking your meal.

If you properly clean, maintain, and shut down the Pit Boss grill after each use, you’re likely to see very few error codes.

When you happen to see the errors, consult with the owner’s manual. It’ll walk you through step-by-step what to do when you see the common error codes such as; Erl, ErP, noP, a flashing temperature on the LCD.

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