Er1 Code On Pit Boss Smoker [Meaning, Prevention & How to Fix]

You’ve seasoned the Boston Butt and go outside to get the grill ready. You plug the grill in and turn it on, and you see the Er1 code on the Pit Boss smoker. What is the Er1 code? How do you fix it and what can you do to prevent it? Well, let’s take a look at everything you need to know to care for your grill.

Er1 Code on Pit Boss Smoker Meaning

The Pit Boss Er1 (some people call it ErL) code means the temperature probe is not making a connection, and the controller determines it can’t correctly read the probe. It’s likely that your grill’s temperature is too low, or a bad internal thermometer.

Er1 code on Pit Boss smoker

Unfortunately, at some point when using your Pit Boss, you will see some of the most common errors such as ErH, ErP, or noP.

The Pit Boss is powered by electricity. Which means, at one point you will likely have to troubleshoot it. The great news is fixing these errors are not that challenging.

Let’s take a look at how to fix the Er1 code so you can get back to using your grill.

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How to Fix The Er1 Code on Pit Boss?

Unplug the grill from the AC outlet and remove the pellets from the grill. Next, remove the four screws of the access panel, you can see them on the image below.

access panel on Pit Boss

You’ll need to check for any damage to the temperature probe wires. Ensure the temperature probe molex connectors are firmly connected. Make sure it is connected securely to the control board.

Refer to the Pit Boss instruction manual or this site for a troubleshooting guide and a view of how the Pit Boss temperature control system.

Where to Get Help for Fixing Pit Boss Error Codes?

It may seem like you’re the only one facing these Pit Boss error codes. However, Pit Boss grills are among one of the most popular grills next to Traeger, so there are plenty of places to look for help when dealing with the Er1 code or any other code.

If you ever see any code on your grill, it’s normal to panic. However, below are some of the best places to ask questions and get help for fixing your pellet grill.

Pit Boss Support

Your first place for help should be the Pit Boss support, especially if your grill is still under warranty. Their office hours are Monday – Sunday 4 am – 8 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).

Toll-Free Phone1-877-303-3134
Toll-Free Fax1-877-303-3135

The downside to customer support help, is it can take a while to get the assistance you need. I’ve personally contacted customer support when I first bought my grill and it took over a week to hear back from them.

If your grill is still under warranty, you should still contact them. They will probably send you a new control board because the one in your grill is bad.

If you don’t want to wait on customer support to send you a new control board, you can purchase a replacement on Amazon. It’s not expensive, and you’ll have a backup, when you get the replacement from Pit Boss.

Here’s a kit I found on Amazon that comes with a temperature control panel board, thermostat control board, temperature probe and more.

WADEO Replacement Parts for Pit Boss Pellet Grills...
  • 👍The thermostat controller board length is 14cm and the width is 7cm. Digital Thermostat kit is more compatible for Pit Boss pellet grills PB700,340,440,820.
  • 👍Adjustable temperature, stepless temperature adjustment, temperature range can be set by yourself. Eight Cook Temperature Settings (200 to 475 degrees).
  • 👍Three Different Models: The thermostat controller board has three models, smoke mode, temperature mode and high mode.
  • 👍An easy-to-read LCD display shows the exact cooking temperature inside your grill.
  • 👍Package Included: 1*Thermostat Controller Board, 1*Temperature Probe, 1*Ignitor, 1*Meat Probe, 1*Fuse, 5*fixing band.

But, you can still look for help elsewhere so you can continue using your grill while you wait on support.

Pit Boss Forum

The Pit Boss forum is a great place to find help for any of the Pit Boss error codes you’re facing. This thread provides solutions from other Pit Boss owners who have successfully troubleshot the Er1 error code.


There are several YouTube videos that will help you find a Pit Boss Er1 code fix. This video walks you through on fixing the Pit Boss error codes ErH, Er1, NoP, and ErL.

Preventing the Pit Boss Er1 Code

Your next question is what can I do to prevent the Er1 Pit Boss error code? Unfortunately, there’s not a lot you can do to prevent it.

Some grill owners may never experience this code. While other grill owners saw the Er1 code when their grill was a few months old.

Think of it like buying a car. Two people may have the same car, one works fine, while the other one has all kinds of mechanical issues. When products are mass-produced, quality control can suffer.

Final Word

The Er1 code is not a common Pit Boss error. If the code shows up on your display, it means there’s an issue with the temperature probe or its wiring.

To troubleshoot the issue, you’ll have to dismantle the smoker, so you can get to the control board. Ensure the probe wire is connected properly to the control board, and check for any damage.

You likely have a bad control board and should contact Pit Boss, so they can send you a replacement.

If your grill isn’t under warranty, you can find a replacement on Amazon.

Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to prevent this error. That said, if you follow the care and maintenance instructions provided by Pit Boss, you will be able to get the best outcomes from your pellet grill!

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