Where To Probe Chicken With The Pit Boss Probe?

where to probe chicken with the Pit Boss Probe

The Pit Boss Probe makes cooking chicken easily and quickly to the right temperature easy without constantly lifting the lid. Whether cooking wings, whole chicken, thighs, or tenders, you’ll learn where to put the probe to ensure you’re cooking to the right temperature. So let’s take a look at where you put the Pit Boss …

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Best Beers To Cook Brats In?

best beers to cook brats in

Whether you are from the upper Midwest or not, you’ll likely want to try beer brats if you haven’t yet. These tasty grilled treats are a classic Wisconsin food for summer barbecues, tailgate parties, Oktoberfest, and game day. But with so many beer choices, what is the best beer to cook brats in? When cooking …

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