Recommended Smoker Grills

When it comes to choosing a smoker grill, there are so many options. Should I choose one that uses wood pellets, charcoal, propane, or gas? This can be challenging, especially, if you’re new to smoker grills.

There’s no one-size fits all grillers. Everyone’s cooking styles, and taste buds are different. But it doesn’t have to be a difficult decision, and that’s why we’ve compiled a great list that will give you a roadmap when you’re ready to buy a new smoker or upgrade from your current one.

Whether you’re searching for a beginner friendly option, one that has WI-Fi capabilities, budget-friendly, or anything in between, there is something for you. Here are the top pics for a great smoker for your backyard.

We’ve compiled a great list for your

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Top Overall Pick For Smoker Grills

Z GRILLS ZPG-550B 2022 Upgrade Wood Pellet Grill &...
  • ★ ULTIMATE 8-IN-1: Barbecue wood fire pellet grill: bbq✓bake✓roast✓braise✓smoke✓grill✓sear✓char-grill
  • ★Pellet Grill Technology: There just isn’t an easier way to get the flavor of wood smoked food than with a pellet grill. Try it, you’ll taste the difference from a GAS or CARBON grill.
  • ★ Set the Temperature, Relax, and Enjoy: Z Grills pellet grills will do all the work for you once you set the temperature. No labor-intensive start-up. No babysitting the grill. Enjoy the cooking!
  • ★538 sq. in. Cooking Area: Two tiers of grill rack offer 538 sq. in. of total cooking area to feed 4 to 5 people. The removable upper rack gives the extra height for the main surface when removed.
  • ★8-in-1 Versatility: A wide temperature range from 180 to 450 °F allows you to bake, grill, smoke, BBQ, roast, braise, barbeque, and char-grill a seemingly unlimited amount of recipes.

Believe it or not, Z Grills have been around for over 25 years. They’ve been anonymously building amazing pellet grills in their Los Angeles warehouse.

Their products were rated as “2019 best grills” on the official Forbes website. You can rest assured that you’re buying a durable quality product with amazing craftsmanship.

So let’s take a closer look at the Z Grills ZPG-450A wood smoker 8-in-1 P.I.D controlled smoker grill.

The first reason I recommend this grill is because of the affordable price from a reputable company. Not to mention this grill offers P.I.D. controlled temperature controlling, which will help beginners cook easier. P.I.D is a great feature that is normally found in more expensive smokers because it offers so much convenience.

This grill will grow you as you become a better grill. The versatile 8-in-1 pellet grill will allow you to cook all your favorite foods from pizza, burgers, vegetables, jerky, fish and pretty much anything else you want.

It works with wood pellet grills that can be purchased in several different flavors to provide a great smokey flavor!

Here’s a snapshot of all the features you get.


  • Advanced Wood Fire Technology.
  • Easy to use and highly recommended for beginners.
  • Consistent and precise digital temperature.
  • It provides the ability to BBQ, braise, smoke, grill, and roast.
  • Real-Time LED easy to read display.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • A great finish that looks amazing.
  • Easy to turn on/off for beginners.
  • Three year warranty.


  • Some people complained that it has temperature swings when used in low temperatures.

Top Budget-Friendly Smoker Pick For Grilling

Masterbuilt 20060416 Charcoal Bullet Smoker, Black
  • 395.4 sq. inches of cooking space
  • Two porcelain coated smoking racks
  • Front-access door makes adding charcoal easy
  • Built-in lid thermometer provides an accurate temperature reading

If you’re looking for a smoker, but don’t want to pay a ton of money? Then you’ll love this smoker that is under $100 and doesn’t have all those bells and whistles you need or want.

The Masterbuilt 20060416 Charcoal Bullet Smoker is perfect for those who are on a budget or don’t know if they’ll enjoy the taste of smoked food.

This smoker provides 395 square inches of cooking space with two porcelain cooking racks.

It uses charcoal fuel as the heating source. Assembly time will take about 20 minutes.

The grill smoker holds about 8 pounds of charcoal in the bowl and stack into a pyramid. Use your regular lighter fuel and you’re ready to light up and start using.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Holds about 8 pounds of charcoal.
  • An affordable smoker that is great for those on a budget.
  • Extremely portable great for tailgates, small backyards, and apartments.
  • Porcelain cooking racks that are easy to clean.
  • Built-in thermometer to help you gauge the temperature.
  • Included charcoal and water pan.


  • Some people have complained that they had problems with the temperature gauge not working.
  • It doesn’t have enough air to burn the charcoal completely.

Top Rated Smoker Grill For A Beginner

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D Wide Body Vertical Offset...
  • Six height-adjustable cooking grates accommodate various sizes of food, giving 1890 square inches of total cooking space with 25-pounds capacity per grate.
  • Porcelain-enameled steel charcoal chamber is designed to keep briquettes stacked tightly for improved burn efficiency.
  • Charcoal and ash management system with charcoal chamber, grate and sliding, removable steel ash pan. Designed to handle large amounts of ash for hours of maintenance-free cooking
  • Vertical design lends itself to naturally rising heat, achieving greater efficiency and improved smoke flavor. Offset design keeps direct heat away from the food, allowing for slow cooking.
  • Smoke stack features an adjustable flue for additional flavor and temperature control.

Dyna-Glo DGO1890BDC-D is a great vertical grill for someone who wants a smoker but has never used one before. This vertical grill to find out if this is the right hobby or love without a lot of confusion.

It’s very simple to use, all you need to do is add wood and charcoal and let the smoker do the rest!

It is a big grill that consists of 1,890 square inches of cooking space and six adjustable cooking grates that will allow you to cook all kinds of foods.

The best part about this grill is the price, especially, if you’re on a tight budget. It’s hard to find a more affordable grill with so many positive reviews.

It uses a charcoal and wood chips fuel system, which isn’t that good for beginners. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t learn how to cook with this grill, especially, for the low price.

This vertical smoker has an enhanced smoking capability that makes it a great bang for the book. The temperature control found at the top of the grill makes it easy to increase and decrease the amount of airflow.

Here’s a snapshot of all the features you get.


  • Built-in Thermometer that makes it easy to monitor your cooking temperatures.
  • Sturdy legs that won’t damage easily.
  • It has two sturdy hands on both sides.
  • An airtight handle that prevents the airflow from escaping.
  • Easy to adjust grates that allow you to cook any amount of food you need.
  • Incredible design that funnels all the cooking juices into the included pan which makes it easy to clean after using.
  • Easy to assemble, and you don’t have to add any mods.
  • Included tray below firebox to help catch ashes and makes cleanup easier.
  • Just add your coal in the firebox and start cooking. Easily add charcoal and wood while cooking, to produce more smoke.
  • One year warranty.


  • Doesn’t include a water pan to keep your meat moist and tender.

Honorable Mentions for Smoker Grills

Let’s be honest – there are a lot of great smoker grills out there and we’d be lying if we said our top picks were the only ones you should look at.

Be sure to check out some of these great options when you’re browsing for your perfect backyard smoker.

Camerons Stovetop Smoker

Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker - Smoker Box...
  • Camerons Original Stovetop Smoker (11” x 15” x 3.5”) Includes the Stainless Steel Stovetop Smoker, Stick-Free Rack, Drip Pan, Lid, Recipe Guide and BONUS Apple, Alder, and Hickory Smoking Wood Pints.
  • Indoor and Outdoor Smoker - Camerons Stovetop Smoker can be used in your kitchen or on your grill! This revolutionary design allows you to enjoy delicious smoked meals prepared in the comfort and convenience of your home. Smoke meat, fish, vegetables, and more right on the stovetop or BBQ! Great for cooking holiday meals for the whole family from Thanksgiving turkey dinner to Christmas roast!
  • The Stovetop Smoker can be used on any heat source (gas, electric, campfire, barbecue grill) and doubles as a steamer, poacher, or roasting pan.
  • Easy to Use - Just line the tray with any flavor of Camerons Fine Smoking Chips, add your ingredients to the cook rack, and place it over heat for a perfectly smoked meal. The smoking box is designed to keep food moist while smoking and the lid keeps smoke inside to infuse food with rich wood flavors.
  • Quick clean up and easy storage - Camerons Stovetop Smoker is dishwasher safe for easy clean up. All components nest inside the smoker when not in use and the handles fold away for easy storage. The Camerons Stovetop Smoker is a great grilling gift for men, Father's Day, birthdays, holidays, or just because for the BBQ lover in your life!

The Camerons Stovetop Smoker is an indoor/outdoor smoker that works indoor/outdoor heat source.

It works with all kinds of wood chips and comes with two samples (hickory and Oak) you can use with your purchase. The lighter woods are great for vegetables and the strong woods work best with meats.

The handles won’t get too hot which makes it easy to move off the heat source when cooking. When not in use, they fold up for easy storage. It comes in a large or mini size, depending on your personal needs.

It comes with an included drip tray that protects the wood from the juices. The wire rack keeps the food off the drip tray and direct heat.

Stainless steel design that not only looks great but is designed for several years.

This smoker makes a great gift for the griller who loves camping, tailgating, or just wants to smoke indoors on a rainy day!

Traeger TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34

Traeger Grills Pro 34 Electric Wood Pellet Grill...
  • Never use gas or charcoal again: cooking with wood just tastes better. Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill as the ultimate way to achieve wood-fired taste
  • Versatile barbecue cooking: hot and fast, or low and slow, the Traeger Pro Series 34 pellet grill offers 6-in-1 versatility to grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and BBQ food to juicy perfection
  • Precision temperature control: The Digital Pro Controller rocks Advanced Grilling Logic, which maintains a +/- 15 degree F temperature control to precision grilling. 450 °F Max Temp
  • Sturdy and durable: powerful Steel construction and durable powder coat finish, Easy to clean porcelain grill grates and all-terrain wheels
  • Large cooking capacity: 884 sq. In. Cooking capacity that can accommodate 8 chickens, 7 racks of ribs or 40 burgers

When you think about a smoker grill, you probably think Traeger, after all they were the first to revolutionize the industry. The Traeger TFB88PZBO Pro Series 34 wood pellet grill offers 864 square inches of cooking space.

It can hold up to 7 racks of ribs and 40 hamburgers, enough to feed your entire neighborhood or a really big family!

This is a versatile grill that will allow you to cool low and slow, hot or hot and fast. You can BBQ, roast, bake, grill, smoke, bake or roast your food to your perfection.

Designed with a durable construction and glossy finish that is easy to clean, just don’t forget the grill cover if you store it outdoors!

REC TEC RT-700 WiFi Enabled Wood Pellet Smoker Grill

The Rec Tec RT-700 WiFi enabled grill is composed of stainless steel and comes with a six-year warranty.

You’ll be blown away at the first impression of this grill, it has so much to offer! It’s a top of the line flagship smoker.

It’s a great looking smoker with bull horns on the front. It is a classic black and stainless steel that makes it look amazing.

The pellet hopper goes with the contour of the grill. You can easily add 40 lbs of pellet which will allow you to cook for over a day easily.

It is easy to assemble, just follow the instruction on the official Rec Tec official website. It’s a sturdy grill with a light inside the grill that makes night time grilling easy.

The stainless steel grates are extremely thick and durable that are easy to clean. The chimney stack weighs about 10 pounds and is extremely durable.

You can’t go wrong with this grill and it will look great on any patio. Oh and it is extremely easy to connect to Wi-Fi from any smart device!

How To Decide Which Smoker Grill Is Right For You?

With so many smoker grill options, you’re probably wondering how can you choose the right one for you and your family?

Here are some tips for helping you decide:

  • Figure out how much space you have indoors or outdoors and what size smoker grill dimensions will fit in the allotted space you have.
  • Do you want a luxury smoker with WI-FI capabilities? If so, you’ll want to choose one that allows you to connect to your smart devices so you can control the temperature while you’re hanging with the family.
  • Maybe you’ve been looking at a specific brand? If you’ve researched everything about a specific brand, that’s okay, it’s not a bad idea to go with what you you like. That being said, don’t be afraid to go with another well known brand, especially, if they have a special deal going on.
  • Don’t price shop too much – a smoker grill is an an investment. If you enjoy cooking outdoors, then you can’t go wrong with any grill you choose. Just make sure you purchase from a reputable company.
  • Lower prices aren’t always the best. You want a quality grill that will last for a long time, the price will be worth it, rather than going with a cheap version that you want to upgrade in a few years.

The Best Time To Buy A New Smoker Grill

If you’re in the market for a new TV, there’s no better time to buy than on or around Black Friday and Christmas in the united states. This isn’t a huge grilling season, so the prices tend to drop during those times and you’ll find unbeatable deals.

It’s worth waiting to see if your high-priced smoker will go on sale at that time. Smart shoppers can save over a hundred dollars or more when they purchase during the off grilling season.

You may even find a better model that you haven’t noticed before, due to being a smart savvy shopper.

Don’t forget to check out the best meat thermometers to help you determine when your meat is cooked properly.

Happy hunting!

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