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A meat thermometer is one of the most important tools in every grillers toolbox. The right thermometer can help ensure that the meat is cooked to the proper internal temperature. Without one, you’re just guessing and leaving yourself and your loved ones open to becoming ill or worse getting food poisoning.

Buying a meat thermometer can be so confusing. Should you buy a meat probe, wireless, handheld, digital, and etc?

It took me forever to find the right thermometer to use for my grill. After countless hours of research, I’ve rounded up some of the best ones for beginners, and more experienced grillers.

We’ve compiled a great list that will have something for everyone!

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Best Thermometers For Smoker Grills

ThermoPro TP20 500FT Wireless Meat Thermometer...
  • 500FT Remote Range: Compared with those Bluetooth meat thermometer on the market, this meat thermometer digital wireless equips itself with radio frequency technology that will ensure you stronger signal and more stable connection from up to 500FT
  • Hassle-Free Setup: No synchronization or APP download required, the upgraded wireless thermometer receiver clearly displays both food and oven temps simultaneously with built-in backlight, say goodbye to the tedious setup steps
  • Kitchen Timer: Food cooking smoker thermometer features count up and countdown setting that is perfect for long-time cooking or vegetable side dishes; Receiver will beep and flash once reaches preset temperature
  • Restaurant-Quality Dishes: Steak thermometer comes with USDA-Recommended temperature settings for 10 types of meat and their respective doneness levels; All the preset temps can be reset to your desired tastes
  • 2 Probes Monitor: Wireless meat thermometer for grilling and smoking features food-grade stainless steel probes with step-down tip design allow users to get readings more precisely and quickly, acurrate to 1.8°F; Probe wires can withstand up to 716°F

ThermPro TP20 wireless meat thermometer will remove all the guesswork and ensure that you’re cooking all your meats perfectly every time. It includes two probes, that can be used to monitor two separate types of meat simultaneously.

Extremely easy to use, just select the type of meat you’re grilling with the meat button.

  • Poultry
  • Ham
  • Lamb
  • BBQ
  • Ground Beef
  • Veal
  • Beef
  • Ground Poultry
  • Pork
  • Chicken

Then choose your preference of doneness from the programmed choices or set your own.

That’s it, now walk away and do your chores, watch some TV, or just hang with the company.

Once your food is cooked to the desired temperature, the receiver will flash and beep that can be heard up to 300 feet away.

It doesn’t get any easier than that, now let’s see why this meat thermometer has received so many positive reviews online.

Here’s a snapshot of the features you get.


  • Extremely accurate, you won’t have to worry about over or undercooking.
  • Wireless, no loose wires everywhere.
  • Dual probes constructed from food-grade stainless steel.
  • Easy to use, just select the meat type and your cooking preference.
  • Displays both Celsius and Fahrenheit readings.
  • 4 AAA batteries included.
  • Multiple-use Meat, smoker, food, BBQ, and oven.
  • Certified approved probe.
  • Durable and not too heavy to carry around.


  • Doesn’t have the phone app ability if you’re looking for that.
  • Some people have complained that the alarm is not that loud.
  • It lacks a low-temperature alarm.

Top Budget-Friendly Thermometer

Lavatools PT12 Javelin Ultra Fast Digital Instant...
  • Ultra-fast 3-4 second readouts thanks to a proprietary high-performance Japanese temperature sensor, making Javelin one of the most popular cooking and grilling accessories out there.
  • Incredible accuracy of ±0.5°F achievable by laboratory calibration. Javelin is an instrument-grade digital cooking thermometer designed to take the guesswork out of cooking.
  • With IP65 splash-proof construction, easy-to-read 1.4-inch display, and integrated magnets for convenient storage, Javelin has become the go-to thermometer for both professional chefs and home cooks.
  • With an expected battery life of 4000+ hours, as well as auto-sleep after 60 minutes, Javelin is the perfect meat probe thermometer for extended cookouts.
  • Not all kitchen tools and gadgets are created equal. Javelin digital food thermometer is NSF, CE, RoHS, and UKCA certified for food safety and commercial use.

The Lavatools PT12 Javelin Digital can be used for multiple purposes from your kitchen, BBQ, home brewing, coffee, food cooking, bread, and smoker. It has an easy to read display with an IP65, which means the electronics are protected from dust and protected against low-pressure jets of water.

The Javelin is a high-end low priced thermometer. Coming in at less than $30, you won’t break the bank just to buy an accurate thermometer.

This thermometer allows you to cook food within under 1° Fahrenheit to the exact cooking preference you’re looking for. The foldable probe makes it easy to store, even in the smallest kitchens.

It comes with an integrated magnet that makes it easy to store on your oven, fridge, or any other metal appliance between uses.

Here’s a snapshot of the features you get.


  • Meat Probe Length: 3″ probe makes it long enough to insert from any angle while keeping your hands safe from the heat, moisture, or smoke.
  • Accuracy: It has an accuracy of ±0.9°F / ±0.5°C.
  • Great Battery Life: Over 4,000 hours.
  • Speed: You can expect a reading in just 3-4 seconds.
  • Body: Outside shell consists of a 100% BPA-free polycarbonate enclosure with an antimicrobial coating. This may not seem like anything important, but it can help decrease the chances of foodborne illnesses.
  • Company:


  • It doesn’t have a backlit display to help with nighttime grilling.
  • You can’t leave it in the oven or grill, so you’ll need to open and close the lid.
  • No remote viewing.

Bluetooth and WiFi Connect Thermometer

MEATER Block: 4-Probe Premium WiFi Smart Meat...
  • Longer Range: With built-in Bluetooth to WiFi range extension, you can keep tabs on your food from up to 165ft away. And if you prefer to cook without your smart phone, our Stand-Alone Mode has got you covered.
  • Four Probes: Each probe features dual temperature sensors, allowing you to monitor both the internal meat temperature (up to 212°F) and the ambient/external temperature (up to 527°F) simultaneously.
  • Guided Cook System: Our step-by-step system will guide you through the cooking process, ensuring that your food is cooked to perfection every time. You can also set up custom alerts and notifications based on temperature and/or time to keep you on track.
  • Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Take the guesswork out of meal planning with our algorithm, which estimates the ideal cooking and resting times for your food.
  • Convenient Power Source: MEATER Block features a Micro-USB port, which allows you to power it without the need for AA batteries. Please note that the Micro-USB connection does not charge AA batteries, and the Micro-USB cable is not included in the package.

The New Meater+ 165ft long-range wireless meat thermometer is perfect for the avid griller in your home. It can be used in your oven, BBQ, smoker, or anywhere you need a food temperature.

The Meater is truly a smart wireless thermometer that connects easily to the Meater app. Connect from a phone, tablet, or any other smart device using Bluetooth and monitor your cook without babysitting the grill.

You can even connect via Alexa!

The included four probes have dual temperature sensors, that monitor the temperatures up to 212°F as well as ambient external temperatures of 527°F all at the same time. You can monitor the temperature of your food and the grill at the same time!

The probes are made of a high-quality stainless steel design that is water-resistant, dustproof, and easy to clean.

The Guided Cook System walks you through everything you need to produce that perfect cook. You can even set up notifications and custom alerts based on time, or temperature.

It can be used as a stand alone without the use of your smartphone or with the help of your smart device.


  • Advanced Estimator Algorithm: Use the app to plan, your meals around your grilling experience.
  • Built-in WiFi: connect to your home network.
  • Standalone mode: If you’re in a hurry, cook using the OLED display and speakers.
  • Probe chargers: restore the probes and recharge before your next use.
  • USB power: never run out of juice with the built-in USB input for those long cooks.
  • It comes with 6 probes.
  • Easily change the cooking preferences to Farenheit or Celcius.
  • The magnetic case that allows you to store on your stove, fridge, or any of your metal appliances.


  • Expensive: you have to think of this as an investment, because it’s not cheap.
  • Some people complained about trouble connecting to WiFi and losing the Bluetooth signal.

Honorable Mentions for Thermometers

Let’s be honest – there are great meat thermometers available on the market and we’d be lying if our top picks were the only ones you should look at.

Below are some more popular thermometers that will work great for your next cookout.

ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Meat Thermometer

ThermoPro TP-17 Dual Probe Digital Cooking Meat...
  • BBQ High/Low Temperature Alarm: This smoker thermometer will flash and beep to notify you if your grill's temperature ever exceeds your desired range, and when to add more fuel. HI/LOW temp range alarm is specifically designed for usage with smokers, grills and BBQs
  • Dual probe grill thermometer and USDA presets: Monitor temperatures of two pieces of meat or grill temperature without swapping probes or using different devices includes USDA preset temperatures and can also adjust set temperature manually
  • Large & Clear Backlit LCD Display: This BBQ thermometer features a large display which features both food /oven/grill/smoker temperatures and timer for the most intuitive experience. Use the backlight to view temperatures in any light condition
  • Highly Accurate Probes: This oven thermometer features an accuracy of ±1.8°F (±1°C) to quickly to alert you of the slightest temp change in seconds. Cook anything you want with this food thermometer that can operate in a range of 14°F to 572°F (-10˚C to 300˚C)
  • Easy to Use and Store: Perfect outdoor fryer accessories for your backyard kitchen, indoor and outdoor uses; Place this digital meat thermometer for cooking and use it with ease with its front facing buttons; Then store anywhere in your kitchen or grill using its flip-out countertop stand, and magnetic back

The ThermoPro TP-17 dual probe meat thermometer makes the list because of its high reviews. It features a temperature accuracy of ±1.8°F (±1°C). You can use this thermometer for monitoring your oven, smoker, BBQ, and food.

It comes with two stainless steel probes that will read two types of food simultaneously. Which is perfect for those grillers who love cooking more than one type of meat at the same time.

The cable and probe are NOT dishwasher safe, and should be cleaned by hand. You’ll want to avoid getting the unit wet, as it is NOT waterproof.

To use, just set the various preset temperature and the type of meat you’re cooking, then let the unit alert you when it’s cooked to perfection.

Enzoo Wireless Grilling Meat Thermometer

ENZOO Wireless Meat Thermometer with 4 Probes for...
  • Best Instant Read (1-3s) Food Thermometer - A good thermometer helps you eliminate all the guesswork and cook food perfectly every time. Choosing ENZOO meat thermometer which takes a temperature in a little as 1-3 seconds, and the accurate is +/-1 degrees with a wide range of 32℉-572℉.Help you leave your food’s safety up to chance,keep the purest nutrition and taste of your food.
  • 500FT Remote Range Cooking Thermometer - Wireless thermometers let you read the display from a distance up to 500 feet away, using a receiver that picks up a radio frequency from the thermometer,which has a longer range than Bluetooth. Although it might be more convenient to carry around a separate monitor, you can mow the lawn or hang out in the basement while you wait for your food to finish cooking, all the time being able to keep an eye on the temps.
  • Easy to Setup and Store - Meat thermometer with 4 probes can monitor 4 different kinds of meat or 4 places of one bigger meat .Transmitter and Receiver had been paired at manufacturing facility, No synch required once your cooking meat thermometer is received. Don’t need tedious setup steps,just insert batteries ,then smoker thermometer is ready for use!
  • Large LCD Backlight & 178°Wide View Kitchen Thermometer -The transmitter of our meat thermometer uses the newest technology of 178°Wide View providing vision more wider.when you cooking other food ,just a glimpse that you can see the temperature clearly. Beep and flash to tip that the meat is reaching your desired and perfect temp!
  • Accurate Reading Thermometer For Cooking - With step-down tip design, the probes instant read within 1-3s, accuracy ±1.8℉. 4 color-code Probes features food grade stainless steel. Heat resistant to prolong service life. The 43 inches wire can withstand up to 716°F, delivering accurate readings for 32℉-572℉.

The Enzoo wireless meat thermometer makes a great gift for someone who grilling. It is easy to set up and it comes with four colored 4.7″ probes making it easy to know who’s steak is well-done and who’s is medium-rare. The large LCD with backlight makes it easy to read, even at night.

Eliminate all the guess work and get an accurate reading in just 1-3 seconds. Mow your lawn, or watch TV while the grill does all the work.

The Enzoo thermometer is pre-programmed for 11 types of meat. You can easily set your own temperature or use the preset programs.

The probes are connected to a 43″ stainless steel mesh cable that will easily reach the meat even on the larger grills.

SmarTRO ST59 Digital Meat Thermometer

SMARTRO ST59 Digital Meat Thermometer for Oven BBQ...
  • 🌟【MONITOR BBQ/OVEN/SMOKER TEMPERATURE】This durable digital cooking thermometer is equipped with a 40" long cord, meat probe that has an accuracy of ±1.8°F between -4°F and 482°F, making it perfect for any cooking environment.
  • 🌟【TOUCH SCREEN & LCD BACKLIT】Sensitive touchscreen design makes the digital meat thermometer easier to operate. It has a backlit LCD displays which make it convenient to use at night and helps you get a quick reading at a glance from any angle.
  • 🌟【PRESET & CUSTOM TEMPERATURE】The oven thermometer is pre-programmed with temperatures for 8 types of meat(BEEF, LAMB, VEAL, HAMBURGER, PORK, TURKEY, CHICK, FISH)and their various degrees of doneness(WELL, MED WELL, MEDIUM, MED RARE, RARE)recommended by the USDA. Additionally, you can also set the temperatures according to your personal tastes. Make the most delicious turkey on Thanksgiving with this meat probe thermometer.
  • 🌟【TAKE THE STRESS OUT OF OVER COOKING】The food thermometer comes with a built-in timer with a "count down" function, allowing you to set up to maximum time of 99 minutes and 59 seconds for your cooking time. When the time is up or the probe reaches to a set temperature, the alarm will beep. It is perfect for, BBQ, baking, roasting, frying, candy, chocolate or other cold dishes.
  • 🌟【LONG AND ACCURATE PROBE】6.7 inches long collapsible probe keeps you from burning yours hands while measuring. The BBQ grilling oven probe can endure from -4°F (-20°C) to 482°F (250°C). We do not recommend that using this leave-in-probe for high heating grilling, because flare-ups in high heating grilling can exceed 1,000°F which can damage probe. If still use it, separate probe and cable from flare-ups, grill lids, grill grates or other hot spots with high temperature over 482°F.

And last but not least is the SmarTRO ST59 thermometer that comes with two probes and a timer. It features a backlit LCD which makes it easy to read day and night.

It comes pre-programed for 8 types of meat (pork, chicken, hamburger, beef, veal, lamb, turkey, and fish) and the degree of doneness recommended by the USDA. You can also manually set the temperature to your liking as well.

The probe is over six inches long, which makes it easy to angle in the meat, without burning your hands. The probe can withstand temperatures up to 482° F to 250° C, and it is not recommended to leave in the grill at high temperatures.

How To Decide Which Thermometer Is Right For You?

With so many meat thermometer options available, you’re probably wondering “how can you choose the right one for your family?”

Here are some tips to help you decide:

Easy to Use

A good thermometer should be easy to read with a large digital display. Backlit LED displays will make nighttime grilling so much easier.


This is the most vital aspect of any thermometer, whether it’s digital, thermocouples, or dial. Look for one that has a response time of fewer than 10 seconds and an accuracy better than ±1°F / ±0.5°C.


How well is the thermometer electrical components protected from corrosion by dust or water? For this, you want to check the IP (ingress protection) rating. This consists of “IP” followed by two numbers.

The first number will represent how well the electronics can withstand penetration from dust and the second number represents how well the thermometer can stand up to liquids.

Probe Design, Durability and Length

Probes should be constructed of durable quality, preferably a food-grade stainless steel construction. The design should make it easy to provide a precise, temperature that can withstand temperatures of up to 710°F or higher.

A good meat probe will be long enough to reach the center of whole chickens, large roasts or deep pots. Longer probes will also keep your hands further away from the heat, steam, and smoke.

Reasonable Price

Most people opt for the cheapest thermometer, but the thermometers that retail for less than $20 usually provide less accuracy, slow readings, poor quality, and don’t last as long as the medium-priced range thermometers.

Paying an extra $15 dollars can make a huge difference when you’re grilling in your backyard. Not to mention, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your food is cooked to the proper internal temperatures.

If you’re not a grilling hobbyist and just enjoy cooking outdoors, you don’t need to invest in a wireless thermometer that can range up in the $100’s or more.

C/F Switch

Most thermometers have a switch that will easily change the display from Fahrenheit to Celcius.

Types of Thermometers

Based on the type of thermometer you decide to get, you may have to look for some specific features.

Here are some features to look for based on the type of thermometer your choose.

Instant Read Digital Meat Thermometers

  • Fast response times and accuracy.
  • Auto shut off and temperature hold.
  • Easy digital read display with backlight.
  • Adjustable probes make it easy to insert the thermometer at different angels.

Probe Thermometers

  • Cables that are long enough to avoid getting snagged when you open the lid and can withstand temperatures of up to 700°F or higher.
  • Strong magnet that can attach easily to the smoker grill without falling off.

Ever smart griller has more than one meat thermometer, because they know they shouldn’t rely on just one!

The Best Time To Buy A New Thermometer

If you’re in the market for a new meat thermometer, there’s no better time to buy than on or around Black Friday and Christmas in the United States. This isn’t a huge grilling season and companies tend to lower their prices during this season.

You shouldn’t have a problem finding unbeatable deals. If you’re in the market for a digital handheld thermometer, you won’t spend a fortune.

If you’re looking for a high tech Bluetooth wireless smart thermometer, it’s worth waiting to see if your high-priced thermometer will go on sale at that time. Be sure to check out our selection of the best smokers on the market.

Happy hunting!

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