Why Do You Put An Egg In Hamburger Meat?

why do you put an egg in hamburger meat

Making your own hamburger patties is a great way to control the ingredients and additives in your meat. In addition, this allows you to customize the size and flavors of the meat. However, you may have noticed that some hamburger meat recipes call for eggs. So you’re now wondering why you put an egg into hamburger …

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Caramelized Onions Vs. Sauteed Onions [Differences]

caramelized onions vs. sauteed onions

If there is one vegetable that can level up your BBQ game, it’s the onion! Onions add that extra layer of oomph to any meal. Several recipes often use “caramelize” and “sauté” in their instructions, but what exactly is the difference? Different onion cooking methods and techniques produce unique tastes and textures. For example, caramelized …

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