Foil Vs Parchment Paper For Cooking Salmon?

foil vs parchment paper for cooking salmon

Salmon en Papillote is on the dinner menu. Are you dining in an upscale French restaurant? Maybe, if you’re lucky! Or perhaps you’re having salmon baked in parchment paper or foil, served on your dining room table! Of course, you can always hope your significant other has planned a lovely dinner! But, if you’re eating …

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10 Sides That Go Great With Smoked Turkey

sides that go great with smoked turkey

Smoked turkey is popular meat that is often used as a staple in many meals. However, you cannot only have a meal of smoked turkey; you need to serve delicious side dishes to complete the meal. So, what are the best sides to smoked turkey? Here are the best side dishes to serve with smoked …

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