5 Meats You Can Cook On a Rotisserie [Is It Worth Buying One?]

Cooking on a rotisserie is not the same as using any other method. There are several rotisserie styles, but they all function in similar ways to produce unique flavors, evenly cooked food, and a wide range of recipe options. However, knowing what to cook on a rotisserie to determine how worthwhile it is can be challenging. What meats can you cook on a rotisserie? Is buying a rotisserie worthwhile for you?

Beef, pork, lamb, chicken, and turkey are among the best meats to cook on a rotisserie. These meats can be cooked over long periods and receive flavor and seasonings very well. Always try to cook thicker cuts on a rotisserie. Buying a rotisserie is worthwhile for anyone who cooks a lot of meat.  

meats you can cook on a rotisserie

Learning how to cook various types of meat on a rotisserie is fun. In addition, using this cooking method well is an excellent way to explore new recipes. 

Unfortunately, not all meats are suitable for rotisserie cooking. So, let’s explore some of the top meats that work well with this method to help you decide whether investing in a rotisserie is worth it. 

What Meats Can You Cook On A Rotisserie?

Cooking meats on a rotisserie has many benefits, and many meat types are excellent for this cooking method. However, some meats are not suitable for rotisserie-style cooking, so it is crucial to choose the proper meats and the ideal cuts when cooking rotisserie. 

Below are some of the best meats for rotisserie cooking and why they are an excellent fit for this cooking technique.  

#1 Chicken

rotisserie chicken

Chicken is a favorite rotisserie meat for many people as it is easy to season and keeps it very flavorful. Still, it also does not require an entire day to cook. 

Even slow-cooked chicken is ready in a few hours. Moreover, it is among the tastiest meats for this cooking method, as rotisserie cooking allows for even basting and seasoning, which means the entire chicken will be full of flavor. 

Chicken also dries out easily, so be sure to use careful techniques when cooking chicken in this way. Cooking a whole chicken is usually the best option to prevent the meat from drying out. 

However, if you prefer dark meat (like I do), you can cook chicken thighs, drumsticks, and wings on a rotisserie. However, it is essential to ensure that the chicken is properly secured onto the rotisserie spit to prevent it from falling off into the grill.

#2 Beef

Beef is among the very best meat option for cooking on a rotisserie. Almost every cut of meat that can be roasted, fried, or barbecued is ideal for rotisserie cooking. 

Thinner cuts, such as steaks, are not ideal for this cooking method, but all roast and fillet cuts are ideal for rotisserie cooking and all round cuts. The round is a primal cut of beef that comes from the cow’s back end.

These cuts are divided into three main sub-primal cuts:

  • Top round
  • Bottom round
  • Eye of the round

This means that everything, including rib roast, rib eye roast, tenderloin, rump roast, and many other cuts, is good rotisserie meats. 

Beef is ideal for this cooking method because it is hardy meat that can be slow-cooked for long periods and receives several different flavors well. That said, the eye of the round is the best cut of meat used for slow-cooking methods. 

Rotisserie cooking methods allow the cook to infuse the meat with plenty of flavors and keep it tender by cooking it slowly. In addition, the fat content of the beef helps keep the meat moist and tender during the cooking process. 

You can season the meat in various ways to enhance its flavor, making it an excellent option for rotisserie cooking.  

This means that any beef cut is suitable for rotisserie, even if the beef is tough, as using this cooking method allows for many ways to make the beef tender, juicy, delicious, and perfect in every way. 

#3 Pork

Pork is more challenging to cook on a rotisserie than other meats because it is very fatty and can dry out quickly. This is why some people recommend brining the meat first to ensure it stays moist during the cooking process. 

When cooking pork on a rotisserie, choosing the right cut of meat is essential. Pork loin, ham, and pork shoulder are all excellent choices for rotisserie cooking, as they are flavorful and tender when cooked properly. 

Pork loin is a lean cut when cooked to an internal temperature of 145°F, while pork shoulder is a fattier cut that is best cooked to an internal temperature of 195°F. 

These cuts are tender and juicy, can be easier to cook, and receive flavor very well. 

Always be sure to take steps to keep your pork moist while cooking it on a rotisserie, and it will be delicious every time. 

#4 Turkey

rotisserie chicken

Turkey is another ideal meat for cooking on a rotisserie because it can be tough and dry. In addition, this cooking method allows it to be rendered and cooked slowly over time, making the meat tender and juicy. 

Turkeys that weigh less than 12 lbs are easier to cook, because larger ones may not cook evenly and are more challenging to handle on the spit.

The rotating nature of the cooking method means that the bird can be more evenly seasoned and tended to during the cooking process. 

Cooking a whole turkey on a rotisserie is a fun process that requires skill and understanding. Still, once you try well-cooked turkey from a rotisserie, you may never want to cook turkey any other way. 

#5 Lamb

Cooking lamb on a rotisserie can be challenging. Still, it will always turn out great if you use the right flavors and allow the meat to be tenderized by the slow cooking process. 

The best cuts for rotisserie cooking are the leg of lamb, rolled rump, or lamb rump for rotisserie cooking. 

A Lamb rump is a cut of meat that comes from the top hind leg of the animal. It is a lean cut of meat that is great for high-cooking methods, including rotisserie cooking. 

Most people use the leg of lamb for rotisserie cooking because it’s a large, flavorful cut ideal for slow cooking methods. 

If you have a large rotisserie and the necessary budget and time, cooking a whole lamb on it can be an excellent option for maximizing the meat. 

Is Buying A rotisserie Worthwhile?

Cooking with a rotisserie may seem intimidating at first, but in reality, it is not a difficult cooking method to master as long as you learn some basic techniques. 

For instance, learning how meat cooks and what flavors pair well with the meats you enjoy will result in a perfect rotisserie every time. Using this cooking method means you can get the most from your meat and cook large quantities of meat at once. 

Buying a rotisserie is worthwhile for anyone who cooks a lot of meat, for anyone who loves to barbecue, and for all those who love to host their family and friends for delicious meals. 

Rotisseries are more manageable than smokers and other large BBQ equipment, making them much more accessible for most people. 

They can even be used indoors if you use an electric version. 

Final Word

Cooking with a rotisserie is a great joy. Most cuts of beef are ideal for this cooking method, as well as pork, chicken, lamb, and turkey. Learning to use a rotisserie well is interesting. Once you learn to do it, it may become your favorite cooking method. 

So go ahead, fire up that rotisserie, and get ready to enjoy some of the most succulent and flavorful meat you’ve ever tasted!

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