Pit Boss Auger Won’t Stop Running [Causes and Fixes]

It’s a perfect day to grill on your Pit Boss grill and a family gathering. You turn on the grill and notice that the auger continuously runs, causing an overflow of pellets in the fire pot. You wonder why won’t the Pit Boss auger stop running? What’s causing the problem and how can I fix it?

Pit Boss Auger Won’t Stop Running

If your pellet grill continuously feeds pellets into the firepot, it’s because the pellets are bad, incorrect wiring, too many ashes, bad controller, or the grill is not heating properly.

Pit Boss auger won't stop running

According to this online forum, this problem is more common than most people think. Unfortunately, many pellet grill owners (not just Pit Boss owners) have to deal with this problem because of the lack of quality control issue when products are mass-produced.

You likely purchased your Pit Boss because you’ve heard how great they cook and how low maintenance they are. You’ll likely be able to operate your grill with no issues most of the time.

However, here’s how to troubleshoot this problem and get our grill working properly again.

What Is The Pit Boss Auger? How Does It Work?

The pellet grill auger is one of the main electrical components of a pellet grill. It is basically a long screw mechanism that feeds pellets into the firepot, based on the speed indicated by the thermostat.

If this is your first time owning a pellet grill, you’ve likely never seen how one starts. The Pit Boss grills run off electricity. Once plugged into an AC outlet, you turn on the grill and the auger starts turning feeding wood pellets into the firepot.

The wood pellets eventually catch fire, which sets the airflow for the grill, and allows you to begin cooking. Watch the video below to see how the auger works to feed pellets into the firepot.

If your auger is working properly, it will feed enough pellets into the firepot and stop once the pellets catch fire. When the auger continuously runs, the pellets will overflow, and you’ll end up with too much smoke and no fire.

Why The Pit Boss Auger Keeps Feeding Pellets

Now that you know what the auger is and how it works, let’s take a look at what causes it to run continuously.

As you know, I own the Pit Boss Pro Series 820, and haven’t experienced this issue. However, I researched tons of online forums, websites, and social media sites to find out what causes this problem and how to fix it.

You’re Experiencing Pit Boss Auger Motor Problems

Most of the time an auger motor failure is due to a jammed auger. Some Pit Boss owners who have experienced a continuously running auger have said that it was due to an auger motor failure.

The Hardwood Pellets Have Moisture

When your pellet grill is stored outside in the elements, it’s likely the hardwood pellets have moisture in them. It’s vital to make sure you properly store the hardwood pellets.

Most people store their pellet grill outside, and leave the pellets in the hopper. That’s perfectly fine, if you don’t have a garage or building to store it in.

However, ensure you’re using a cover to keep both the pellets dry.

The Auger and Fan Connections are Reversed

According to this forum thread, an owner of a brand new Austin XL experienced this problem. After spending hours troubleshooting, he realized the wiring was reversed.

It’s A Vacuum Switch Issue

Whenever you experience auger issues, the first thing that is affected is the vacuum switch. The vacuum switch works in conjunction with the power that connects to the auger motor.

The issue could be due because the vacuum switch is sensing pressure inside the grill, and won’t stop running. It could be because of a buildup of ashes or residue inside the chimney of the stove.

Your Grill Is Not Heating Up Correctly

A pellet grill owner on this Reddit experienced this issue when their grill reached 400℉. The temperature dial was set to the smoke setting, and they had noticed the pellets backing up inside the firepot.

Before they knew it, they had a raging inferno and weren’t sure if it was an auger or thermostat issue.

If you’re noticing auger issues when the temperature reaches 400 degrees, it’s likely the ashes are getting stuck in between the auger motor. This is a rare issue, but it can happen if you’re using the wrong pellets.

This problem usually occurs when you’re using low-quality pellets.

How to Fix Pit Boss Auger Issues

Now that you know the primary reasons of why the Pit Boss pellet grill won’t stop running, let’s look at how to get it running properly again.

Use Dry Pellets

Whenever you buy hardwood pellets, you should take them out of the bag and put them in an airtight 5 gallon container. This will prevent them from being exposed to the elements.

If you’re not sure whether your pellets are good, then do a quick pellet test. If you hear the snap, they are healthy and good to use.

When the pellets are exposed to moisture, they expand, rendering them useless. Dry, healthy pellets will heat up more quickly, and stay ignited longer.

This will also prevent the auger from jamming, or continuously feeding the firepot.

Rewire the Fan and Auger Motor

So how do you check the wiring on your Pit Boss grill? You’ll need to check the wiring diagram on your Pit Boss manual.

Some Pit Boss owners have noticed that the Fan and Auger connections were reversed. Of course, you’ll need to open up the digital control board to check the wiring.

If this is the case, fix the wiring and that should solve the auger issue!

Clean the Ashes and the Chimney

Ensure you’re cleaning your grill and chimney regularly. When it isn’t cleaned properly, eventually, the buildup of ashes and soot in the chimney will obstruct the auger and cause problems.

Check where the chimney is attached to the barrel, that’s where buildup occurs.

Reconnect The Vacuum Switch

If you find that the issue is being caused by the vacuum switch, disconnect the wiring and then reconnect it. Afterward, turn the power on to see if the problem has been fixed or not.

Use High Quality Pellets

Pit Boss recommends using high quality Pit Boss pellets in your smoker. High-quality pellets will ensure your auger motor runs smoothly.

If the auger is running poorly, you will need to clean the debris that was likely caused by poor quality pellets.

Replace The Pit Boss Auger Motor

If you’ve tried all the steps above and the issue isn’t resolved, it may be time to replace the Pit Boss auger. Replacing the auger motor is a lot of work, so I discuss it in this article.

You can also reach out to Pit Boss’s customer support to see what they recommend for the fix. Here’s the contact information.

Toll-Free Phone1-877-303-3134
Toll-Free Fax1-877-303-3135

Final Word

Most Pit Boss auger problems are easy to troubleshoot and fix. If your auger is feeding pellets continuously, it’s likely due to the reasons mentioned above.

The best tip for keeping your Pit Boss running efficiently is to maintain and care for your grill based on Pit Boss’s recommendations. This includes burn off’s after every cooking session, regular deep cleanings, and proper storage for your grill and pellets.

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