Pit Boss ErP Error Code [Meaning, Prevention & How to Fix]

You uncover your Pit Boss and get ready to throw a Boston Butt on it, but all of a sudden you notice an ErP error code on the digital display. Then you wonder what does the Pit Boss ErP code mean? How do I fix it, and can I use my pellet grill?

What Does the Pit Boss ErP Code Mean?

The ErP code on Pit Boss means the grill was shut down incorrectly due to a power outage, the temperature dial was not in the off position when it was connected to an electrical outlet.

Pit Boss ErP error code

This is a safety feature that was implemented by Pit Boss, that prevents the unit from starting by accident.

We’ll talk more about it in depth below and what to do if you experience it.

How to Fix The ErP Error Code?

To fix an ErP error code, simply press the power button to turn off the unit and wait for two minutes. Then press the power button to turn back on.

Turn the temperature control dial to “smoke” or the desired temperature. The error code should no longer appear on the display, if it does, you will need to contact the Pit Boss customer support.

How to Contact Pit Boss Customer Support

If the code doesn’t go away and you’ve followed the steps above, it’s time to contact customer service. You can contact them Monday – Sunday 4 am – 8 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time). You can contact them via:

Toll-Free Fax1-877-303-3135

That said, if you do have to contact them, it can take about 45 minutes to an hour to get your situation resolved. If the issue occurs on the weekend, you’ll have to wait to use the grill.

Now that you know how to fix the ErP code, you probably want to know if there’s anything you can do to prevent it in the first place.

After all, who really wants to troubleshoot the Pit Boss, before being able to use the grill?

Well, we’ve put together some things you can do to prevent this error code.

That said, it’s important to remember that the Pit Boss is an electrical appliance that may eventually need troubleshooting, no matter what precautions you take.

After all, there are several other Pit Boss error codes that have nothing to do with the turn-on/off safety feature.

Preventing the ErP Error Code?

Turn The Grill Off Properly

One of the best ways to avoid this code is to shut down the Pit Boss grill correctly. It’s easy to get into a hurry after grilling because you want to enjoy your meal.

However, this is when accidents happen like forgetting to turn the temperature dial to the “off” position. Before unplugging the grill, ensure the fan has stopped running and turn the temperature dial counterclockwise until it doesn’t turn anymore.

Avoid Grilling If You Think The Power Is Going to Go Out

Never use your smoker if the weather is calling for severe storms and power outages. It’s okay to use your pellet grill in the rain, as long as the pellets don’t get wet.

Watch the weather channel or monitor the weather through an app on your phone before using your Pit Boss grill. Try to cook when there is no chance of severe weather.

When grilling in severe thunderstorms, you put the grill at risk of power outages, and lightning strikes. Not only your grill at risk of being struck by lighting, but you are too.

A large voltage spike can damage circuit boards and control boards. Small voltage swings can overtime cause accumulative damage to your pellet grill.

If you’re a true griller who doesn’t care about the weather, you may want to consider investing in a surge protector.

Many people on this BBQ forum have used or currently use different types of surge protectors whenever they grill in bad weather.

Final Word

Now you know what to do if you see an ErP code on the Pit Boss display.

The Erp error code on the Pit Boss means the grill was not turned off properly the last time it was connected to an AC outlet.

It also means the grill was shut down due to a power outage while in use.

The prevention tips above will help ensure you don’t see this code very often. Of course, you can’t help it if your power goes out while your using the Pit Boss grill.

If you experience the ErP code, follow the steps above. The issue is usually resolved by turning off the unit for two minutes. However, if you still see the error code after following the steps above, contact the customer service of Pit Boss.

Also, ensure you’re properly caring and maintaining your grill according to the Pit Boss manual to get the most desirable outcomes from your pellet grill.

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