Why Is My Pit Boss Temp Blinking? [Causes & Solutions]

The Pit Boss pellet grill makes it easy to cook amazing dishes right from the comfort of your home. That said, it is an electrical appliance. Chances are you’ve landed on this article because you’re wondering why is my Pit Boss temp blinking? If so, you’re in the right place!

Why Is My Pit Boss Temp Blinking?

When the Pit Boss temperature is blinking, it means the grill is not hot enough, it doesn’t have enough fuel, the probes are dirty, or there is an obstruction in the feed system.

why is my Pit Boss Temp blinking

Grilling on a Pit Boss makes it easy to create amazing tasting food. However, when you find yourself having to troubleshoot something can be frustrating, especially, if you don’t know what to look for.

Let’s look at what causes the Pit Boss grill flashing temperature and how to fix it.

Pit Boss Temperature Problems You Should Know About

The Pit Boss is a high-quality pellet grill that works perfectly right out of the box. However, it’s not unusual for people to see the temperature light flashing at some point.

So what does the flashing temperature mean?

Pit Boss Won’t Hold Temperature

The flashing temperature means the internal temperature inside the grill is too low. Like the oven in your home, the grill needs to reach a hot enough temperature to work properly.

If the temperature fluctuates or never reaches the proper temperatures, and that’s when you experience issues like flame-outs and flashing lights.

When the grill is in the “Cook” mode, the temperature will blink when the grill dips below 150℉ or 65ºC. In the “SMOKE” setting the lights will blink if the temperature drops below 110℉ or 43.33ºC.

Okay, so if you’re new to a Pit Boss pellet grill, you may not realize the proper temperature settings.

So how hot should the grill get? Depending on the settings you’re using.

Here’s a look at the settings on the Pit Boss grill and the temperature ranges for smoking and cook modes.

Cooking MethodTemperature Setting
Smoke200℉ – 250ºF
Cook200℉ – 500℉

You can adjust the temperatures in 50℉ increments.

The temperature settings will vary depending on the model you own.

It Doesn’t Have Enough Pellets

The blinking light could be because of an inefficient amount of pellets or using low-quality pellets. Hardwood wood pellets fuel Pit Boss or any pellet grill.

The pellets are loaded into the hopper which is a storage area for the pellets until the auger loads them into the firepot. A component called the “hot rod” ignites the pellet in the chamber and creating heat and smoke.

If there are not enough pellets in the chamber, the grill won’t work properly.

The Feeding System is Blocked

If the auger is blocked or not working properly, the Pit Boss won’t get enough fuel to function properly.

This usually occurs when there is moisture in the pellets. It’s been awhile since you’ve cleaned the grill and the built up ashes are causing an issue.

It could also be because the auger has a broken gear or shear pin that connects the auger to its motor.

The Temperature Probe is Dirty

Pit Boss Probe

There’s a small temperature probe inside the Pit Boss. The temperature probe’s primary function is to help keep the temperature inside the grill consistent.

The reason you can’t see it in the picture above, is because it’s dirty.

When it becomes dirty, it won’t be able to detect the proper temperature inside the barrel which results in the flashing temperature problem or even shuts down.

Open the Pit Boss lid and you’ll see the probe on the same side as the hopper. It is a small temperature probe (RTD sensor) built into the grill. If it has a lot of black soot on it, it’s likely the cause.

How To Fix Pit Boss Grill Flashing Temperature

Now that you know some of the reasons that cause the blinking temperature, let’s look at what you can do to fix it.

Use High Quality Pellets

Pit Boss recommends using high-quality pellets to ensure the grill functions at the highest level. High-quality pellets not only provide a great hardwood flavor but also ensure the grill burns hot enough to work properly.

Ensure the pellets you’re using don’t contain any unnatural additives and are made of 100% natural hardwood.

The Hopper Is Low On Pellets

Open the lid on the hopper and ensure there are enough pellets to keep the grill running. If you can see the auger, the grill needs more pellets.

While there is no fill line on the hopper, it’s recommended you fill the hopper to the top so it doesn’t run out of pellets during the cook.

Also, ensure the pellets are level and feeding properly into the auger. Tunneling is a huge problem, which means the pellets create a funnel-shaped void that can cause the grill to not get enough fuel.

Always get into the habit of checking the hopper before turning on the grill.

Clean The Temperature Probes

Clean Pit Boss Probe

The best way to get the black soot off of the RTD sensor is to clean it after every cook. This will ensure the buildup doesn’t occur and you won’t have to worry about it.

However, if you’ve neglected it and it has acquired buildup, you’ll likely want to use an old toothbrush, paper towel, or a sponge with soap and water.

If you use something like vinegar and a sponge, put a piece of cardboard or towel between the probe and barrel wall, so you don’t scratch the barrel.

Don’t soak the probe in water, the water can damage the internal wires, which will cause the probe to short out.

A damaged probe will cause false temperature readings and should be replaced.

Avoid using any harsh cleaners such as oven cleaner on the inside of your grill. This video uses oven cleaner to clean their probe, I prefer not to use any harsh cleaners in my smoker.

You’ll never get the RTD probe to look like it did when it was brand new, but a clean probe should be silver not black!

Check for Any Obstructions

Clean the grill and vacuum out any ash build-up in the firepot. Inspect the auger and unclog any obstructions in the tube. Here’s how to unclog the auger, step-by-step.

If the auger works properly, and the motor is functioning properly, maybe just needs a deep cleaning.

Unplug the grill and clean the Pit Boss grill. Remember, a clean grill is a grill that works properly.

Contact Pit Boss Support

If after troubleshooting your grill and you’re still seeing the flashing lights, it’s time to contact support. Below you’ll find some of the best ways to contact them.

Toll-Free Phone1-877-303-3134
Toll-Free Fax1-877-303-3135

Related Questions

Why Are There Flashing Dots On My Control Board?

The flashing dots on the control board means the igniter is on. The ignitor turns off automatically, once the grill has been in the startup mode for five minutes. There’s nothing for you to do or worry about when you see the flashing lights.

Final Word

It’s never fun when you have to deal with mechanical issues on your grill. Hopefully, this article has helped you find a solution to the blinking temperature issue.

The best way to avoid these types of issues to refer to the Pit Boss manual and follow the care and maintenance instructions.

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