What Wine Goes Best With Ribs? [Best Pairings You’ll Love]

BBQing the perfect ribs is an achievement in itself. However, the last thing you want is for the wine you serve with your ribs to steal the show, or worse, make your ribs taste nothing how you intended. So, what wines go well with ribs?  

The wine you should serve with your ribs will depend on the ribs you’re serving. For example, if you are serving pork baby back ribs, then the Northern Rhône Syrah wine is the one to choose. However, if you are serving beef ribs, a Malbec is the perfect wine to pair with them. 

what wine goes best with ribs

Finding the perfect wine to serve with your ribs can be challenging, but in this article, we will go through all the wine options that will enhance the flavors of your ribs and give you the best taste possible. 

What Wines Are Perfect To Serve With Ribs?

When it’s hot out and the day is sunny, with perfect weather, there is nothing better than pulling out your BBQ and having some family and friends over to enjoy the day together. One of the most common foods at many BBQs is ribs. This can be pork, beef, or even both. 

With this cut of meat being highly popular, you might want to serve them at your BBQ get-together. However, the only problem is what wine you serve with your BBQ ribs? 

Thankfully, there are many options you can choose from depending on the type of ribs you’re serving. So, let’s go through the wine selections to ensure you serve the best wine with your ribs.

Cabernet Sauvignon 

Look no further than an aged Cabernet Sauvignon wine when you’re looking for a lovely wine to serve with your ribs. This wine is exceptional with ribs; both beef and pork ribs will be complemented with this wine. 

The Cabernet Sauvignon has a boldness, with fruity flavors of black current and cassis. These fruity flavors create a lovely contrast to the savory flavors of the ribs. With this wine, you can also notice hints of vanilla, black pepper, chocolate, and a smokiness, which all complement the gilled flavors of the ribs. 

California Zinfandel

The California Zinfandel wine is one of the best wines you can serve with your ribs. This wine is highly sorted after among BBQ enthusiasts as its extremely soothe and tasty and complements both pork and beef ribs. 

This wine has a ripe and fruity flavor with a subtle smokiness that brings out the flavor of the ribs beautifully. The plum, black cherry, and other jammy flavors this wine has to offer creates a refreshing contrast to the harsher gilled flavors of the ribs. 

If you wish to amaze your guests, then this is the wine to go for with your BBQ ribs. 

Northern Rhône Syrah

If you are serving BBQ baby back pork ribs, then the Northern Rhône Syrah wine should be your first choice. This wine has a smoky, peppery flavor, with hints of bacon that pair exceptionally well with this rib type.

This wine is less fruit-forward and offers deeper notes of spices, herbs, and meat, which enhances the flavor of your baby back pork ribs. However, the refreshing fruity flavors are still there, with some blackberry, sherry, and raspberry flavors coming through. 

This wine is particularly great if your ribs have a tomato-based sauce, as this wine has enough acidity to provide a nice contrast between the flavors. 

Pinot Noir 

If you are making your ribs with a dry spice rub, you should go for a Pinot Noir wine. The Pinot Noir has a subdued and elegant flavor that won’t clash with the delicate flavors of your spice rub. In addition, Pinot Noir wines have some strawberry and cherry notes that will complement your ribs perfectly. 

This wine will offer just enough flavor to contrast with your ribs beautifully without overshadowing the flavor of the ribs. In addition, this wine has a bright acidity, which will help enhance the flavors of the spice rub you use and make your ribs taste even better. 

Beaujolais Villages 

If you are serving pork spare ribs at your BBQ, then Beaujolais Villages wines are the perfect pairing. The pork ribs have a bit of sweetness, which will be enhanced by this wine’s strawberry and cherry notes. 

This wine will add to the flavors of the pork spare ribs without overwhelming them. 

This wine is also highly refreshing, making it perfect for serving on hot summer days while BBQing. If you are serving pork spare ribs, this is a wine you must have at your BBQ.

Malbec Wine

Malbec is an Argentinian wine that pairs perfectly with beef ribs. This wine has a medium acidity that won’t overwhelm the delicate, tender flavors of the beef ribs. 

Malbec wine has plum and black cherry flavors, making it a refreshing wine that complements beef ribs perfectly. 

When choosing a Malbec wine, you can buy either the young Malbec or the oak-aged Malbec. Both will bring out the flavors of your beef ribs well, but the oak-aged Malbec will add some complex cocoa and vanilla flavors, which enhances the beef flavor of the ribs. 

Mumm Napa Cuvée M

If you aren’t into red wines, celebrating a special occasion with your guests, or want to impress, you can go for a Mumm Napa Cuvée M wine to serve with your ribs. This is a lovely sparkling wine that pairs great with ribs that have a sweet sauce. 

This wine has hints of ripe white peaches with an earthy scent, perfect for balancing the flavors in a well-sauced rib. 

Cabernet Franc 

If you are searching for a sweet red wine that pairs perfectly with your beef ribs, then the Cabernet Franc is the wine you want. This wine has a lovely, medium body that presents lush peppery notes and a dry, earthy finish that superbly complements the beef ribs. 

As mentioned, this wine has a sweeter taste, making it perfect for beef ribs with a dry spice rub, as it can enhance the delicate flavors of the spices. However, this does mean this wine should not be paired with anything pork, as it will overwhelm you with sweetness. 


There are several excellent wines you can choose from to pair with the ribs you are serving at your BBQ. These wines will bring out the flavors in your ribs and create a flavor explosion that will keep your guests wanting more. 

Ensure you choose the right wine for the ribs you are serving to get the best results. If you stick with the list provided above, your BBQ will be a hit. Good luck pairing your ribs with the perfect wine!

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