What Do You Drink With BBQ Ribs? [Best Adult Drinks To Serve]

When you are BBQing your ribs, you need a drink that will keep you refreshed and complement the taste of your perfectly cooked ribs. Unfortunately, finding the perfect drink can be difficult as there are so many variables to account for. So, what drinks should you drink when eating BBQ ribs?

There are many different drinks you can choose from to have with your BBQ ribs. If you are BBQing pork ribs, go for an acidic drink like Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc. However, if you make beef ribs, you should go for sweeter drinks like Bourbon or strawberry daiquiris to enhance the flavor. 

what do you drink with bbq ribs

Deciding on the perfect drink to serve with your BBQed ribs can be difficult. In this article, we will go through some great drinks to pair with your BBQ ribs that will not let you down, so keep reading to find the perfect drink for you!

The Best Drinks To Serve With BBQ Ribs 

One of the best parts of summer is inviting your friends and family over for a relaxing and enjoyable BBQ on a beautiful sunny day. One of the best meats to BBQ during these times is a lovely, large stack of ribs. 

When you have a great pile of ribs at your BBQ, you need to serve a drink that complements the flavors of the meat well. 

Finding the right drink to go with your BBQ ribs can be challenging, but we have put together a list of perfectly suited drinks for this job. So, let’s see what drinks go well with BBQ ribs. 


Beers are excellent drinks to serve with BBQ ribs. Beers are refreshing and cold, making them perfect for a hot day in the summer sun. The bitter hops in beer complement the sweetness of BBQ sauce in the ribs. 

That sweet BBQ sauce is known to be the staple with all BBQ ribs, regardless of how they’re prepared.

When looking for the perfect beer to serve at your BBQ, you need something dry with a bright flavor and a slight acidity. The best beers to go with your BBQ ribs are Saison Dupont, Shiner Bock, or Guinness Draught Stout. 

Red Wines

If beer is not your thing, serving a lovely red wine with your BBQ ribs is the perfect option. Red wines will bring out the flavor of the ribs and enhance the meal altogether. But, of course, the type of red wine you go for will depend on the type of ribs you are BBQing. 

If you are BBQing pork ribs, you need a red wine that will cut through the sweetness of the pork and the sauce you serve with it. A great wine option for pairing with pork ribs is a Pinot Noir. 

If you are BBQing beef ribs, you need a red wine that will cut through the intense flavors of the beef. A lovely red wine option to serve with beef ribs is a Barolo or a Bordeaux. 

White Wines

White wines are another great option to serve with your BBQ ribs. However, white wines should only be served with pork ribs as they will not have the strength to cut through the flavors of the beef ribs, meaning their flavor will be lost. 

When picking a white wine to serve with your pork ribs, you need to look for something that has high acidity with a dry aftertaste. Sauvignon Blanc or a Sancerre is a great white wine to serve with pork ribs. 


You might prefer to have a lighter drink with your ribs on a hot summer’s day when BBQing. Rosé is the perfect drink for this, as it has a lighter flavor that keeps the spirits lifted and lets you have a great time. 

Rosé tends to have a bit more acidity than white wines, meaning you can pair a lovely Rosé with all types of ribs and have a pleasant experience. When buying a Rosé to serve with your BBQ rib, choose one that is darker in color as these are more acidic and will pair with your ribs better.


If you are a whiskey drinker, then good news! Whiskey is a great drink to pair with your BBQ ribs. If you are BBQing pork ribs, you should go with a drier whiskey, like a Jack Daniels. This whiskey has a strong taste that will cut through the sweetness of the pork and complement the flavors. 

If you are BBQing beef ribs, then go for a sweeter whiskey, like a Tennessee whiskey with caramel hints. This will harmonize with the flavors of the beef and give your meal a slight but addicting sweetness that will have you going back for more. 


Bourbon is a great southern drink to pair with your BBQ ribs. Bourbon is slightly sweet and pairs exceptionally well with beef ribs. In addition, Bourbon has a slight vanilla and smokiness that complements the beef’s flavors well. 

Unfortunately, Bourbon shouldn’t be your first choice when you have BBQ pork ribs due to the drink’s sweetness, but it will still taste nice if you pair them together.

Gin And Tonics 

Gin and tonics are a wonderful summer’s day drink. These drinks are refreshing and will help you cool down while BBQing. The nice thing about gin and tonics is that you can make them however you wish. 

You can make them sweeter by adding berries or making them more acidic by using citrus fruits. This means that a good gin and tonic can be paired with pork ribs and beef ribs, depending on the ingredients used. 


Cocktails are a fan favorite that should always be included in a BBQ no matter what you are cooking. There are some great cocktails that pair excellently with BBQ ribs. If you are cooking pork ribs, you should go for an acidic cocktail, like a margarita, to harmonize with the sweetness of the pork. 

If you are cooking beef ribs, you can go for something sweeter, like a strawberry daiquiri, to complement the rich flavors of the beef. If you want to go alcohol-free, you can also make these into mocktails to still complement the ribs. 


When you have a BBQ, you want to ensure that the ribs you are making are the star of the show. So, pairing the ribs with a drink that will complement the flavors of the meat is essential. 

There are many good drinks that you can serve with your BBQ ribs to really bring out the flavor and complete your meal. 

Remember that the drinks on this list are merely recommendations, and it’s essential to experiment a little to find your favorites. Have fun at your BBQ!

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