7 Reasons Why Your Pit Boss Is Leaking Grease [And How to Clean It]

If you’ve started noticing grease patches on the floor, in the barrel, or on the grates, you’re in the right place. We’re going to look at some possible reasons your Pit Boss is leaking grease.

Why Your Boss Is Leaking Grease

The Pit Boss pellet grill is designed, so the grease flows down the grease chute to the drip bucket. However, grease leaks are not uncommon and I’ve listed some of the issues that can cause the issue in no particular order.

why is my Pit Boss leaking grease
  1. Improper maintenance and cleaning
  2. Using heavy-duty foil in the grill
  3. Grilling on an uneven driveway or surface
  4. The flame broiler is not attached properly
  5. Forgetting to use the drip bucket
  6. The steel bucket is too full
  7. Design flaw with the barrel

Pit bosses are a fantastic cooking appliance for those who grill or smoke meat, but it can be frustrating when they leak grease. Let’s take a closer look at the reasons above and what you can do to stop it from happening.

If grease is getting into the barrel, it’s important to take action, because it can lead to a grease fire.

7 Reasons The Pit Boss Is Leaking Grease

Improper Maintenance and Cleaning

If you’re seeing grease on the inside bottom of the barrel, it’s likely due to a dirty grill. According to the Pit Boss owners manual, the grill should be thoroughly cleaned every 5-6 cook sessions.

When not cooked cleaned properly, the grease from food will accumulate under the hood, on the bottom of the barrel, grease trap, and the galvanized steel bucket. Over time the grease buildup can lead to airflow problems and grease problems and grease fires.

Using Heavy Duty Foil

Using heavy-duty foil to wrap the flame broiler can cause the grease to build up and not flow properly. The Pit Boss flame broiler and slide kit are designed to protect meats and other foods from the flame. It is slanted and designed to funnel the grease into the grease trap.

When covered with aluminum foil, it can prevent the flame broiler aka heat shield from operating properly. Some people, wrap the flame broiler in foil to keep it from getting extremely dirty.

If you do wrap the flame broiler, ensure you’re wrapping it properly and not leaving any air holes or bulges that can prevent it from working properly.

Grilling on Uneven Surfaces

Grilling on even surfaces or a small slope on the driveway, patio, etc can disrupt the natural flow of the grease in the grill. In addition, grills on slopes or uneven surfaces are prone to tipping over and causing a fire.

Inspect the surface of the patio, driveway, or slab to ensure it’s flat and even.

If it is uneven or has “humps” roll the grill to a different place. Set the Pit Boss pellet grill on a stable surface such as a concrete pad so that it remains level while cooking.

The Flame Broiler Is Not Installed Properly

It could be something as simple as the flame broiler is not installed properly. Ensure the shield deflector slots are lined up perfectly with the holders located at the hopper end of the grill.

The other end will sit in the notches found on the grease catch tray. Check out this detailed article on the Pit Boss flame broiler to help you understand how to use it properly.

Not Using the Drip Bucket

The Pit Boss pellet grill utilizes a drip bucket that is designed to catch your cooking grease and juices from the grill. Ensure the bucket is attached securely, otherwise, it won’t catch the grease the way it is intended to.

When not attached properly, it can fall off easily when removing the cover. I always make it a habit to check it before every cook, otherwise, you’ll end up grease stains on the patio.

The Bucket Has Too Much Grease

Pit Boss makes it easy to clean keep the grease bucket clean, by offering liners that can be replaced when it becomes too full. When residual grease accumulates, the grill is prone to grease fires.

If you’re not using the liners, use a non-metallic tool to scrape the grease from the grease bucket. Then use a paper towel to remove any residual grease after every 2-5 cook sessions or when the grease starts building up.

A Design Flaw With the Barrel

While not common, some people in this forum have said that continual grease leaks can be due to a design flaw. Pellet grills like other grills are produced in mass quantities, meaning they are prone to some design flaws.

Pit Boss makes a quality product and uses quality control inspectors to examine both materials and products for defects. However, due to the high number of grills they produce, it’s possible to receive a grill with a flaw such as improper sealant, or etc.

If you’re noticing grease leaking from the sides such as by the hopper or by the drip spout, it’s likely due to a flaw. It likely means that the grill wasn’t sealed properly during the production process.

You’ll want to contact customer service. They’ll be able to help you determine the cause of the leak and may have to send you a new barrel if the grill is still under warranty.

How to Degrease A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Clean the Grease Drip & Bucket

After 24 hours of cooking or when it’s cool to touch, remove the bucket and replace the liner. If you’re not using a liner, use a soft non-abrasive tool to scrape any excess grease.

Use the same tool to scrape the excess grease located in the grease chute. Remove excess grease with an old rag or paper towel.

The Barrel

If the grease has affected the inside of the barrel, use an all-natural cleaner to help cut down on the grease. Ensure it is a food-safe product that is designed specifically for grills.

Otherwise, it will leave chemicals behind that can be dangerous for foods.

Cleaning Grease on the Ground

If you’ve noticed grease spots on the patio or sidewalk, apply dishwater and boiling water over the area. Use a brush with thick bristles to scrub the area.

Rinse with a hose and keep repeating the process until the grease is gone.

If caught early enough, you can pour baking soda, dry dish detergent, or talcum powder over the affected area. Allow the powder to sit on the stain for half an hour before scrubbing it off with water and a stiff brush.

Final Word

The most common reason a Pit Boss is leaking grease or noticing fat buildup at the bottom of the barrel, it’s likely due to a dirty barrel. A dirty grill can wreak havoc for pellet grill owners as it prevents the grill from functioning properly.

If you’re experiencing fat buildup or grease leaks, it’s likely due to cooking on a dirty grill.

When a properly maintained grill leaks grease, contact customer service to ensure it was sealed properly during the manufacturing process.

Pit Boss pellet grills are designed to work flawlessly and without a lot of effort on your part. But it’s up to you to maintain and clean it properly to prevent it from becoming too dirty!

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