How Do You Deep Clean A Pit Boss Pellet Grill? [With Pictures]

If you own a Pit Boss pellet grill, you already know how easy it is to cook delicious food for family and friends. The grill is low maintenance, as long as it’s cleaned regularly. So, how do you deep clean a Pit Boss pellet grill? Today, I’m going to share my tips and tricks for helping you do a deep cleaning to help you get your grill ready for the next big cook.

How Do You Deep Clean A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Deep cleaning of the grill involves cleaning both the exterior and exterior of the pellet grill. If this is your first time cleaning your Pit Boss grill, I’ll walk you through the entire process.

how do you deep clean a pit boss pellet grill

Depending on the model of your smoker, the process may vary a bit. However, this guide will provide you the basic knowledge of what you need to clean your grill, regardless of which brand you own.

Let’s get busy cleaning so you can start your next cook.

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What Do You Need to Clean A Pit Boss Grill?

To clean your Pit Boss smoker, you’ll need certain tools to help you remove ashes, grease, black residue and washing the surface of your grill. You’ll want to use gentle non-abrasive tools that won’t scratch the painting or ruin the porcelain enamel on the grates.

Here’s a complete list of the tools that you’ll need to clean your grill:

A Brush or Scraper: A putty knife, non-metallic brush, non-abrasive sponge, wooden paint stick all make a great tool for cleaning a pellet smoker. You’ll want something that is sturdy enough to remove buildup in the grill.

You’ll also want something that is small enough to clean inside small spaces such as the grease chute and tight spots such as the grease trap.

Old Rags and Paper Towels: Soft towels are great for wiping both the inside and outside of the grill. Once the grill has been vacuumed, you’ll need a clean cloth to wipe down the degreaser we’ll be using.

Use old rags, auto mechanic shop towels or paper towels to wipe down the inside, as they will be extremely dirty from cleaning the grill. These are the cloths we use for our grill whenever we clean it.

Degreaser and Cleaning Solution: You’ll need a cleaner to help you clean both the interior and exterior of a grill. I’ve found that a degreaser works best as it is formulated to remove the toughest stains, grease, and dried food particles.

Avoid using any harsh chemicals or cleaners on your grill as they can ruin the paint. I use this all natural cleaner on my Pit Boss and it works great for both the interior and exterior.

Shop Vacuum: A shop vac is the easiest way to remove the ash buildup in the grill. If you don’t have a shop vac, you can use a handheld vacuum instead. This shop vacuum works great and comes with several attachments that make it easy to reach those hard-to-reach spaces.

Disposable Gloves: These are optional, but cleaning a grill can be messy. If you want to keep your hands clean, don’t forget some disposable gloves.

Best Way to Clean A Pit Boss Grill

The best way to get started cleaning your grill is to start from the top to the bottom. Focus on the interior before doing the exterior.

Unplug the grill before you clean it!

Empty The Pellet Grill

Open the lid and remove the grates, broiler plate, and deflector shield. Use a sponge or putty knife to remove any of the extra gunk. Avoid using any harsh abrasive sponges, as they will scratch the surfaces of the boilerplate and deflector.

Clean The Lid

Depending on how old your grill is, the inside of the lid may have some build up on it. Use the putty knife to remove any buildup that has accrued on the lid.

How To Clean The Grates

Once you’ve scrubbed the grates with a non-abrasive sponge, I recommend soaking them in a Rubbermaid container that is filled with Dawn dishwashing detergent and water.

I’ve found that by letting the grill grates soak in the soapy water overnight, it makes it easier to clean them the next day. Once they’ve soaked for several hours, grab a comfy seat and wipe them down with a non-abrasive sponge.

Avoid using a power washer or dishwasher as they are too harsh for the porcelain enamel on the grates.

I made the mistake of using the power washer on one of my grates when the grill was new. Now one of the grates doesn’t have enamel protection anymore, making it prone to rusting.

Cleaning the Flame Broiler and Deflector

Use a putty knife to remove any buildup. Next use soapy water and a soft sponge to remove any grease and grime. Place them in the sun or allow them to dry completely before putting it back into the grill.

Always remove them from the grill before using water. A pellet grill has a lot of electrical components that water can damage.

How to Clean Ashes

Next grab the shop vac and vacuum up all the ashes inside the barrel. Don’t forget to vacuum the ashes in the firepot as well.

Cleaning the Barrel

Once you’ve vacuumed the ashes, grab the putty knife and scrape any buildup residue inside the barrel. Remember to use non-abrasive materials, as you don’t want to scratch it.

Don’t forget to use your shop vac to vacuum any residue that falls into the barrel.

Grease Drip Tray

Scrape the grease drip tray with a putty knife to remove the buildup. It will probably have buildup, as this is the tray that catches the grease while cooking.

Don’t forget to wipe the hook off that holds the bucket in place.

How to Clean The Grease Chute

To clean the grease chute, you’ll need an old toothbrush or a wooden or plastic scraper. Scrape as much of the buildup as you can. Unfortunately, it’s such a small area it’s hard to get it clean.

I’ve found that it’s best to clean the grease chute when the grill is still warm. Not hot, but warm enough to scrape the gunk inside the chute.

Cleaning the RTD Temperature Sensor

Use a soft damp cloth to clean the black residue from the RTD sensor. This sensor relays the inside temperature to the control board and requires proper cleaning. I’ve written a step-by-step guide on how to clean the RTD sensor.

Cleaning the Hopper

Grab a bucket and empty the hopper. Pit Boss makes it easy to change out and remove the pellets. Grab your shop vac to help you remove any excess pellets, sawdust, and debris.

Clean off any debris from the fan air intake vent, that is located at the bottom of the hopper. You can also remove the bottom panel and remove and wipe any grease buildup and sawdust from the fan blades inside.

Cleaning or Replacing the Grease Bucket

Remove the aluminum liner and wipe down the bucket with soapy water. Dry the bucket and put in a clean liner. Liners make it so easy to keep the bucket free of grease.

How to Clean The Shelves On The Pit Boss

Use a soft cloth with water to wipe down any grease and grime. Some Pit Boss models will have a removable panel underneath the front shelf that makes it easy to clean up dirt and grime that falls between the crevices.

Cleaning The Exterior

Use a soft cloth and an all-natural cleaner to help keep the exterior clean and the finish amazing. Avoid spraying the exterior with water, as it can get inside the hopper or grill causing havoc.

I’ve found that wiping it down with a cloth works well. If you’re using a grill cover, the outside doesn’t get as dirty as the inside.

Final Word

Deep cleaning your Pit Boss pellet smoker is easy. Use this guide to help you get started.

Once you’ve deep cleaned your smoker a few of times, it will become routine. There’s no right or wrong way to clean your smoker. The most important thing to remember is a clean grill is a grill that cooks without issues!

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