Why Does Rotisserie Chicken Smell Like Farts?

Many households are fans of rotisserie chickens, but why do the leftovers sometimes smell like a fart? Is it still safe to eat if it has this odor? 

There are several reasons your rotisserie chicken might smell like farts. Some of these reasons include the chicken not being brined enough, the meat being over or undercooked, oversalted, or the chicken being old. Some of these reasons make the meat unsafe to eat.

why does rotisserie chicken smell like farts

What other reasons cause rotisserie chickens to smell like farts? When is it alright to still eat your chicken even if it smells like farts? 

This article will thoroughly explore why your chicken may have a fart-like smell and if it’s safe to consume. 

Why Do Some Rotisserie Chickens Smell Like Farts?  

There are several reasons your rotisserie chicken might smell like farts, and not all of them mean your chicken is inedible. Below are some possible reasons that can cause the chicken to emit an unpleasant smell. 

The Chicken Was Not Brined Enough 

One of the reasons your rotisserie chicken might smell like farts is that the chicken was not left in the brine for long enough before being cooked. 

Rotisserie chickens, whether homemade or store-bought, are soaked in a brine for several hours before cooking. 

This brine will soak into the chicken and will help flavor it well. 

The water in the brine will also soak into the chicken to help keep it moist throughout the cooking process. If you remove the chicken from the brine too soon, it will not soak up enough water. 

As the chicken cooks in the rotisserie, the natural moisture in the meat will evaporate and dry out. Unfortunately, this will also increase the chances of the meat being overcooked, which will cause the chicken to smell bad by the time you eat it. 

The Chicken Was Over-Salted

Rotisserie chicken can also smell like farts due to the high salt content in the meat. This is due to the salts in the brine and the natural salts in the meat. When the chicken cooks, its natural moisture is evaporated. 

It leaves a lot of sodium in the chicken, which cannot evaporate from the chicken as it cooks. 

This is why you need to be extremely careful with the salt content in the brine you use, as it can easily over-salt the chicken, which can contribute to the fart smell of the chicken. 

You can still eat over-salted chicken, but you must mix it with other ingredients to ensure the salt doesn’t overpower your tastebuds. 

The Chicken Was Undercooked 

One of the most dangerous reasons your rotisserie chicken might smell like a fart is that the chicken was undercooked. This can happen if the chicken is slightly bigger than expected and the cooking time is not adjusted correctly for the chicken’s size. 

It can be dangerous because the chicken could harbor harmful bacteria that could affect your health if you eat it. In addition, the chicken will smell like farts due to the growing bacteria, especially if it isn’t stored correctly. 

Always inspect your chicken before eating it for your safety and health. If it’s undercooked or not cooked through properly, discard the chicken instead of consuming it.

Never attempt to cook a rotisserie chicken further unless it has been freshly taken off the spit, as bacteria has already spread throughout the chicken, making it unsafe to eat.

The Chicken Was Over-Spiced 

Another reason your rotisserie chicken might smell like farts is the chicken being over-spiced during the chicken preparation. If too many spices are used to try and flavor the chicken, it can smell like farts, as some spices do not mix well together. 

The resulting smell can smell like farts, depending on the spices used. 

For example, spices with intense aromas, such as garlic and onion powder, will overpower any other flavors you add. This can create a very unpleasant smell that may resemble the smell of farts.

This generally happens when making rotisserie chicken at home, and it’s your first time making it. 

It can be challenging to determine what spices to use and how much you should use. 

With this in mind, you should stick to a rotisserie chicken recipe closely, especially if it’s your first time making one. Otherwise, there is a greater chance of making an amateurish mistake that can make the chicken inedible.

The Chicken Was Overcooked

As we mentioned earlier, as the chicken is cooked on the rotisserie, the natural moisture in the meat evaporates, and if you don’t account for this by brining the chicken, this can cause the chicken to be dry. 

This can also cause the chicken to cook faster than expected, and you will not adjust the time for this. 

No one wants to eat chicken that smells of farts. But if the poultry is cooked too long and becomes dried out, it will have a distinct odor similar to flatulence. However, the same thing happens to any meat that is severely overcooked.

The Rotisserie Chicken Is Old 

The last reason your rotisserie chicken might smell like farts is also a dangerous one, and this is something you should always look out for, especially when buying your rotisserie chicken from a store. 

This is if the rotisserie chicken is old and close to its expiration date if it hasn’t passed it already. 

If your rotisserie chicken is old, bacteria have had enough time to grow on the meat, and the meat has had time to start decomposing. The bacteria growth will make the chicken smell like farts.

You need to ensure your chicken is within the use-by date before you eat it and ensure you eat the chicken within two days after carving it. 

If you made the rotisserie chicken at home, you need to label the chicken with the date you cooked it before storing it. 

The chicken will only last up to three days in the fridge, after which you must throw it away as it will no longer be safe to eat. 

Final Word

Rotisserie chicken is a lovely addition to your meal; whether you made it yourself or bought it from the store, you will enjoy it. However, there are times when it can smell like farts. 

This smell can be a cause for concern, so inspect your chicken closely before you eat it, as it could affect your health. If in doubt, discard it. 

Good luck with your rotisserie chicken!

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