What Is Black And Blue Steak? [Is It Safe To Eat?]

Steak is a staple food for many people around the world. It can be prepared in many different ways and cooked to your liking. One way to prepare a steak is to cook it black and blue, but what does this mean? 

Cooking a steak black and blue means that you char the outside of the steak on the grill while leaving the center of the steak blue or raw. This is an acquired taste and isn’t for everyone, but if you enjoy your steaks blue, then this is a good cooking method to try. 

What Is Black And Blue Steak

How is a black and blue steak made? Is it safe to eat a black and blue steak? Before giving this steak a try, are there considerations you should be aware of? We will discover everything you should know about this type of steak in this article!

What Is A Black & Blue Steak? 

Steak is a staple food for many people around the world. It’s especially a favorite for those who love BBQing with friends and family. It can be made in multiple ways, and each cooking method will bring out different flavors in the steak, depending on your needs. 

When you BBQ steak, there are different levels you can cook your steak. You can cook it rare, medium, well-done, or a mixture of two. One method that not many people may have heard of is cooking your steak black and blue, so what does this mean? 

Cooking your steak lack and blue means that you give the steak a lovely dark sear on the outside until the outside looks almost black, but the center of the steak is cooked blue. 

The cooking time to prepare a blue steak is less than a rare steak. 

A black and blue steak is almost completely raw in the middle and black and charred on the outside. This gives the steak that lovely, char-grilled taste while not affecting the cook of the meat’s center. 

How Is A Black And Blue Steak Made? 

Now you know what a black and blue steak is, you might be wondering how they are made. Cooking a black and blue steak does require some skill and experience on the grill and cooking steak. It can be a challenging task, but if you are up to it, you can give it a try. 

To cook a steak black and blue, you need to have your grill set to a high temperature. In addition, you need to ensure your steak is completely defrosted and is close to room temperature and spice it before you place it on the grill. 

Sear the steak on both sides for around one minute, then let the steak cook on the edge of the grill for a few seconds. Then, using a food thermometer, check the steak’s internal temperature. When the internal temperature reaches 115° and 120° F, the steak is ready to be served. 

Is It Safe To Eat A Black & Blue Steak? 

As black and blue steaks are cooked on the grill for a short time, many people are concerned about the safety of eating a black and blue steak. 

This is a valid concern, as studies show that most harmful bacteria like E.coli lie on the meat’s surface. So, cooking the outside of the meat will eliminate the harmful bacteria on the meat. 

Even though this is the case, consuming raw and undercooked meat can still be dangerous and cause you some stomach problems after you have eaten the meat. It’s always better to stick to what you are comfortable with and eat properly cooked foods that you are used to. 

What Is The Best Steak To Cook Black & Blue? 

If you are unafraid and still want to try to cook and eat your own black and blue steak, you need to choose the best steak for this type of cooking to guarantee the best results. So, what is the best steak to use when you want to cook a steak black and blue? 

When cooking a steak with this method, you must choose a high-quality steak to ensure the steak will still be tender and enjoyable to eat when cooked blue. Some of the best meat cuts for this type of cooking are tenderloin, sirloin, and flat iron. 

These meat cuts are tender and full of flavor, ensuring you will enjoy your steak when it’s cooked black and blue. 

Considerations When Eating Black & Blue Steak

So, now that you know what black and blue steak is and how safe it is to eat, you might be wondering if there are any other considerations you should consider before you try to cook and eat a black and blue steak. 

You need to be aware of a few more considerations as they can affect your experience and health when consuming a black and blue steak. You should take these considerations seriously, as you will be eating raw meat that will always have a chance of causing health complications. 

So, let’s go through these considerations to help you stay as safe as possible while eating a steak prepared in this way. 

You Can Get An Upset Stomach

If you are not used to consuming raw or undercooked meat, you can easily have stomach problems shortly after eating a black and blue steak. Eating raw steak is very different from consuming properly cooked steak; it can cause diarrhea and make you feel sick overall. 

This can affect your health, as you can become dehydrated fast, which can become an emergency if you aren’t careful. So, if you aren’t used to eating raw or rare meat, don’t try to eat black and blue steak until you get your stomach used to it. 

Only Use High-Quality Steak

You must only use high-quality cuts of meat if you want to make and eat black and blue steak yourself. This can help make your experience more enjoyable as the steak is tender and has more flavor, but it will also protect you from possible parasites found in meat. 

Parasites like tapeworm eggs can be found in the meat of the animal the tapeworm infests. If you consume this meat contaminated with the eggs raw or rare, you will also become infected with the worms. High-quality meat is less likely to be contaminated in this way, so always use high-quality meats for raw or rare food preparation.  


Black and blue steak is an acquired taste that not everyone will enjoy, but if you like your steak rare or blue, it is one of the most enjoyable ways to eat it. Making a black and blue steak can take some practice, but you can make it yourself. 

There are some health concerns with eating black and blue steak, as it is raw in the middle, but if you use high-quality meat and are used to consuming raw or rare meat, you should be fine. So enjoy your black and blue steak!

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