What Does Wagyu Taste Like? [Plus 5 Of The Best Cuts]

Wagyu beef is a popular cut of meat that can be expensive. It is considered a luxury item to many people due to its price. This can leave many wondering what this lovely meat tastes like. So, what does Wagyu taste like? 

Wagyu beef has a full flavor that is sweeter rather than the usual greasy flavor of regular steaks. In addition, Wagyu has an intense buttery flavor and is firm but juicy. In Japan, Wagyu beef’s flavor is described as umami, meaning yummy or good tasting, which is an excellent way to describe Wagyu. 

what does wagyu taste like

Why is Wagyu beef so popular? What are the top Wagyu beef cuts that with the best flavor? Is Wagyu beef healthy? We will discover all the answers to your questions about Wagyu beef in this article!

What Does Wagyu Beef Taste Like?

Wagyu is one of the most sought-after meats in the world. In addition, wagyu beef is considered one of the most luxurious foods you can ever consume if you can afford it. Wagyu beef originated in Japan, but some other countries have invested in creating their own Wagyu. 

This can make Wagyu slightly more affordable if you purchase Wagyu beef from a country other than Japan. However, not everyone can afford Wagyu beef, no matter where it comes from. 

A piece of Wagyu beef costs anywhere from $10 to $15 per pound, depending on where it’s purchased. Meaning that most people will never get the chance to taste it.

So, what does Wagyu beef taste like? Wagyu beef has a full flavor that is sweeter rather than the usual greasy flavor of regular steaks. Another thing you’ll notice is that it has a sweetish perfume smell that most other meats don’t have.

In addition, Wagyu has an intense buttery flavor and is firm but juicy. In Japan, Wagyu beef’s flavor is described as umami. 

Umami means yummy or good taste in Japanese, which is a great way to describe the flavor of Wagyu. Wagyu is rich, so it’s meant to be savored and eaten in small amounts to not overwhelm the palate. Wagyu beef should be something that you try at least once in your life. 

Why Is Wagyu So Popular?

Another thing many people wonder about Wagyu is why it is so popular. After all, it’s just a piece of meat. However, wagyu beef is as popular as it is due to its intense but overwhelmingly delicious flavor. 

This flavor comes from the Wagyu cows, a very specific breed of cows. They are cared for in a particular way to ensure their meat reaches the high standards for Wagyu beef. As a result, wagyu beef has a large amount of marbling within the meat.

Marbling is thin streaks of fat that are evenly spread throughout the cow’s meat. This extreme marbling makes the meat more tender and flavorful and lets the meat melt in your mouth and release a lovely buttery flavor. 

The standards of the production are what make the meat so popular and expensive. 

What are The Most Popular Cuts Of Wagyu?

Wagyu beef has a unique flavor that is enjoyed by many. However, as with other beef, you can choose from different cuts of Wagyu beef. 

Some Wagyu beef cuts are considered better than others, just like regular beef. 

These popular cuts of Wagyu beef are considered higher grade than others, making them more expensive but more sought after due to their better taste. 

Let’s go through the top 5 Wagyu beef cuts.

1. Wagyu Top Sirloin

Wagyu top sirloin is a lovely thick cut of meat taken from the back of the Wagyu cow. This cut of Wagyu is moderately tender and packed with a lovely rich beef flavor. 

This cut of Wagyu doesn’t have the marbling that is desirable in Wagyu beef, but this is still a delicious piece of meat that will leave you satisfied. In addition, this cut is more affordable and can add a strong flavor to your meal.

2. Wagyu Fillet Mignon

The Wagyu fillet mignon is a cut from the tenderloin section of the cow and is an incredibly tender and lean cut of meat. In addition, the cut has a high marbling level, which makes the meat even more tender and melt-in-your-mouth. 

This Wagyu cut has a mild and sweet flavor and a supple texture. However, this cut is more expensive than most other Wagyu cuts as only a small amount of fillet can be found in Wagyu cows. This makes this cut challenging to find but highly sought after, so it has a high price tag. 

3. Wagyu Strip Steak

Wagyu strip steak, also known as Wagyu New York Strip, is a cut taken from the short loin of the Wagyu cow. This cut is one of the most sought-after and requested cuts of meat in the world. Wagyu strip steak has a lovely balance of flavors and an excellent tender texture. 

This cut of Wagyu beef has some of the best marbling of all the cuts you can get from the cow. In addition, this cut of Wagyu is perfect for grilling, as this brings out the rich and delicious flavors of the meat. 

4. Wagyu Ribeye

Wagyu ribeye comes from the cow’s ribcage, making it one of the most tender cuts you can get from the cow.

This cut has lovely marbling surrounded by fat, so when cooked, the fat melts into the meat of the cut, giving it an intense flavor. This wonderful and flavorful cut of meat would impress any meat lover who eats it. 

5. Wagyu D Rump 

The Wagyu D rump is a cut taken from the hindquarters and a muscle just above the hip bone of the cow. This muscle is highly active, making the meat tougher, but this cut is still packed with flavor and will stratify your taste for an excellent steak. 

The Wagyu D rump is a large cut of meat taken from three different muscles of the cow, but you can separate them into smaller cuts. This cut is perfect for grilling as the fat can caramelize and enhance the flavor of the meat. 

Is Wagyu Beef Healthy? 

One thing many people wonder about is the fat in Wagyu beef. Due to the marbling in the beef, there is a lot more fat in Wagyu, but Wagyu beef is still considered healthy, and eating it can help improve your health.

Wagyu beef has more good or monounsaturated fats in it, making it healthier for you than regular beef. It also contains more omega-3 fatty acids and omega-6 than regular beef, making Wagyu beef more nutritious.

Final Word

Wagyu beef has a lovely buttery flavor and is rich, tender, and juicy. When cooked correctly, it will melt in your mouth when you place it on your tongue and leave you craving more. Wagyu beef is healthier for you than regular beef, but it is expensive. 

Thankfully, you can choose from multiple cuts and grades of Wagyu, and some might be relatively affordable to you. 

So, keep an eye for some Wagyu steak you can afford to ensure you try it at least once!

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