How To Use Pit Boss Meat Probe [Step-by-Step Instructions]

Cooking on the Pit Boss should be an enjoyable experience. You don’t want to spend the whole tip lifting the lid, to see if the food is cooked properly. This will cause the cook to take longer, and you’ll hate using the Pit Boss because it’s too much work. Cooking on the Pit Boss is easy, especially, when you know how to use the Pit Boss Meat Probes.

How to Use Pit Boss Meat Probe?

To use the Pit Boss meat probe, you’ll insert it into the plug-in receptacles, run the wires through the access slot, and insert the grill into the thickest part of the meat.

how to use Pit Boss Meat probe

We’ll cover this in more detail below, so be sure to keep reading.

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How to Use Meat Probes On Pit Boss

Using the digital probe food thermometers with the pellet grill make it easy to cook your meats at a safe internal temperature.

It’ll also make the process faster and safer, as you won’t have to continually lift the lid, which causes the temperature to drop and increases your chances of getting burnt.

Inspect The Pit Boss Meat Probes

Before using the probes, take the time to inspect them for any damage such as broken tips, or damaged wiring. If the meat probes are damaged, they won’t work the way they are supposed to.

Insert Probe Into Receptacles

Before starting the smoker, plug the digital meat probe into either Probe 01 or Probe 02 receptacles. You’ll know they are inserted correctly, when you hear or feel them snap into place.

Run the tip of the probe through the probe slot which is located nearest the hopper.

Below is a picture of the slot on the Pit Boss 820 Pro series. All Pit Boss grills will have a slot similar to the one below.

Using A Dual Probe System

dual probe Pit Boss meat probes

If you have a dual system, you can attach the stainless steel grill holder directly to the grates. When using a grill grate, ensure the meat probe is inserted completely through the clip, otherwise, it can affect the temperature readings.

Insert The Probe Tips Into The Meat

Next, insert the probe into the deepest part of your cut of meat. If you’re cooking chicken, ribs, or anything with bones, avoiding contact with the bones, otherwise it will give you an inaccurate readout.

For steaks or roast, you’ll want to stick the probe in the middle, where it’s usually the fattiest part of the meat. Don’t push the probe all the way through, halfway

If you try to stick it all the way through, the tip could touch the grates, which will also result in inaccurate readings.

Keep the probe from coming into direct contact with the flame or excess heat from the grill, as it can damage the probes.

Where to Put The Temperature Probe In The Smoker?

Once you’ve inserted the probe into the center of the meat to give you the most accurate reading, I like to move the wires to the side and close the lid.

This makes it easy to lift the lid without accidentally touching the hot wires. If you’re inserting the probe through the holes on the side, the wires it’s easy to keep the wires out of the way while you’re cooking.

Monitor The Temperature On The Display

Close the lid and monitor the temperature by keeping any eye on the digital display. This will enable you to sit away from your smoker and enjoying your regular activities.

The digital readout will display the current internal temperatures at a glance, so no more having to lift the lid to see if the food is done.

When The Food Is Done

When the food reaches the desired internal temperature, it’s safe to eat. At that point, you can open the lid and remove the meat probes.

How to Remove The Pit Boss Meat Probes?

Always use protective grilling mits, gloves, or potholders to remove the meat probes from the food. The probes are going to be hot to touch with the bare hands.

Pull the probes out of the meat and either run it back through the slot to remove it. Unplug the probes and let them cook completely before trying to clean them.

Whenever I unplug my probes, I always take them in the house and let them cool properly.

Cleaning The Pit Boss Meat Probe

Once the probes have been removed from the Pit Boss, you’ll want to clean the tip properly to remove any bacteria. To clean the meat probes, you want to clean the tips with soapy water or alcohol wipes.

These are the same wipes I use and you can find them on Amazon.

Do not submerge them in water, as it will damage the wiring. They are not dishwasher safe and should only be washed by hands.

I’ve found that it’s best to clean the probes after they’ve cooled down a bit, but are still warm. Use one of these alcohol wipes to clean the tips completely.

If you’ve let the probes cool too much, the food will dry on the tips, making it harder to get clean. When this happens, use a soft sponge or your fingertips to get rid of any built up food particles.

Then wipe clean with a wet cloth or these alcohol wipes to ensure all the bacteria is removed.

Once the meat probes have been properly cleaned, I recommend putting them somewhere they won’t be damaged, until your next cook.

Final Word

The Pit Boss meat probes make the process of cooking so much easier, and hopefully this guide has helped you learn how to use them.

I still recommend using a digital handheld thermometer to double-check the temperature, before pulling the meat off the grill. It’s always good to get the readings from more than one thermometer, to see how accurate the probes are.

If you’re still having trouble using the meat probes, I suggest getting familiar with the Pit Boss manual, which will help you learn the ins and outs of your pellet grill.

The meat probes can make your grilling experience easier when you use them no matter what you’re cooking!

Can You Use Both Meat Probes At Once?

Pit Boss has two meat probes, which can be used at the same time.

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