Brioche Buns Vs Regular Buns [Which Is Better for Hamburgers]

There’s nothing like enjoying your summer weekends while grilling some hamburgers for your friends and family! However, while many may think it’s the patty that makes the burger, this is not entirely true. The perfect hamburger bun could change your life and your burger! Are brioche buns or regular buns better for your hamburgers?

Before all the different varieties of buns, traditional white hamburger buns were the only ones used. They looked good yet struggled to hold the ingredients of burgers. The risk of falling apart caused chefs to move away from them. Brioche buns will hold up any grilled burger when toasted, enhancing the burger’s overall flavor!

Brioche Buns Vs Regular Buns

When choosing the perfect bun for your burger, you need to consider the structural integrity of a bun, along with other things. Continue reading with us to find out which bun is best for your next grilling session!

Which Bun Is Best For Your Hamburger?

The ideal burger will have a soft, squishy, and tender bun. In addition, the bun must have enough structural integrity to hold a burger without becoming chewy or tough. The perfect bun will also be slightly sweet to complement the savory burger.

Brioche buns fulfill all of these criteria, making them the perfect choice for your next burger! Brioche is a French bread made from eggs, butter, milk, salt, etc. These ingredients make the brioche dough richer and more flavorful than other types of bread.

When crafting your perfect burger, one of the crucial things lies in the bun. All hamburger buns are different, and choosing the ideal one for the job is essential. 

It might also be good to note that different burgers suit different buns. The key is to get the perfect bun that would not distract the person from the delicious textures and flavors of the patty itself! 

Let’s compare brioche buns and regular buns, and help you to choose between these two for your next hamburger feast!

Using Brioche Buns For Your Hamburgers

With its French origin, the brioche bun is known for its higher egg and butter content. This results in this burger being incredibly tender with rich crumbs! 

Brioche is a slightly puffy, lightweight bun, thanks to its higher content of butter and eggs. It’s made with the same steps as bread but has a much richer texture, making it the perfect addition to any pastry. 

While the bun may be soft, it can be toasted to hold up to any juicy grilled burger or any other protein of choice. 

This caused many fine-dining restaurants and professional chefs to choose brioche buns. They not only have much more structural integrity but also look much better with their glossy buttery finish and soft texture, even when toasted!

The bun’s overall flavor is mild and subtle enough not to overpower the burger’s flavor; instead, it enhances the buttery flavor!

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the brioche bun is just another type of bread, but it’s just better! The best thing about a brioche bun is its versatility, as you can use it in sweet and savory recipes. 

Different Ways to Use Brioche Buns

These buns are great for different occasions, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time! 

These buns are the ultimate buns for your burger, and you can use them fresh or give them a light toast. Toasting a brioche bun is one of the best ways to bring out their delicious flavor, and they toast exceptionally fast! 

One of the best things about brioche buns is that you can freeze them, but you must follow the correct defrosting method to get the most out of them.

Using Regular Buns For Your Hamburgers

Before all the fancy varieties of buns, such as the brioche bun, burgers were created with traditional white hamburger rolls and came with or without sesame seeds. 

While these buns looked exceptionally good while serving, these simple white buns struggled to hold all the ingredients without getting soggy and moist. As a result, burgers collapsed, making it impossible to hold all the ingredients while eating a burger.

This caused loads of restaurants, such as fine dining restaurants and even some takeaway restaurants, to move to other options of hamburger buns.

Why Regular Buns Aren’t The Best for Burgers?

These regular buns are simple and can be pretty soft when freshly baked. In most cases, these buns have a soft nature, which is why they are still used to make thinner burgers today.

You might find it interesting that some manufacturers also use mashed potatoes in the bun’s mixture to promote the softness even more, but this is an optional ingredient. 

The regular white buns can absorb the extensive flavor of burger patties and other ingredients, but they may become soggy. 

These regular buns would usually be similar to your hand’s size and come in a dome-like shape. However there’s a wide variety of shapes available, but the dome-shaped buns are the most popular for hamburgers. 

How Regular Buns Are Made

They are known for their flat bottom when sliced into two. They’re usually composed of mixing yeast, butter, eggs, and flour. Although, several people treat it as dessert bread. Many types of traditional white buns in whole wheat are available for more substantial meals.

Regular white buns are mass-produced; they can either be round and short for hamburgers or skinny and long for hot dogs! They are usually frozen upon delivery. 

The best thing about these regular burger buns is that they are readily available in multigrain and whole wheat forms. 

Other Types of Buns to Consider for Hamburgers

Another option is multigrain buns, which are found in most grocery stores and are the most popular. However, if you’re looking for a more healthy form of this regular bun, you can choose the whole wheat option. 

Also, it would be good to note that if you purchase a regular hamburger bun, you need to read the manufacturing and the best before date to ensure you’re purchasing a fresh and soft bun!

Final Word

Knowing what hamburger buns would suit your burger best will make you fall in love with the taste of a hamburger, and you might make it a part of your weekend grilling routine! 

Brioche buns are the future of the ideal burger, hence why many professional chefs and high-quality restaurants use them!

If all else fails, then just make your own.

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