Why Is Flank Steak So Tough And Chewy?

why is flank steak so tough and chewy

You have likely tasted a good, juicy, and tender steak before and wonder why the flank steak you have prepared or ordered from a restaurant is so tough and chewy. There are reasons behind this and, thankfully, solutions. Flank steak is an excellent cut of meat to choose for part of any meal, as it …

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Can You Use Rotisserie Bones For Bone Broth?

can you use rotisserie for bone broth

Rotisserie chickens are eaten regularly, as they are convenient and relatively healthy compared to alternative options. However, many people don’t want to waste any part of the chicken, including the bones, so can you make bone broth from a rotisserie chicken?   You can use the unwanted bones from your rotisserie chicken to make a lovely …

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Does Pork Loin Have Light And Dark Meat?

does pork loin have light and dark meat

When you visit the butcher, you may wonder what type of pork to purchase for your lunch or dinner, or perhaps even a mid-afternoon barbecue with friends. As you examine what is on sale, you may note that specific cuts of pork have what appears to be discoloration. Now you wonder whether pork loin does, …

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How Do Steakhouses Tenderize Steak?

how do steakhouses tenderize steak

Nothing beats the taste of a tender, well-seasoned, and adequately prepared steak. Every trade has its secrets, and restaurants are no exception. Restaurants are experts at tenderizing steak, and the methods revealed may come as a pleasant surprise. There are three ways restaurants can tenderize steak: wet or dry aging and mechanical and chemical processes. …

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