Can You Freeze Raw Hamburger With Egg In It?


Homemade hamburgers are always best because you control the ingredients and can ensure the freshest and juiciest burgers ever. But making fresh hamburgers for each occasion can be time-consuming. Therefore, you might want to freeze your hamburgers. However, can you freeze raw hamburgers with eggs in them? Freezing raw meat and eggs below 18°F kills inhibits …

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What Can I Do With Old Hamburger Grease?

what can I do with old hamburger grease

After the hamburgers were done, and the rounds and everyone had their fill, it was time to do the dishes, and low and behold, there was always hamburger grease left in the pan or grease trap of the grill or griddle. Throwing it down the drain or toilet is not an option since too much fat will clog the pipes. So, what …

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