How To Stuff Summer Sausage Casings By Hand? [Step By Step]

Summer sausages are a delicious addition to a meal as well as the perfect meat to have with your cheese and crackers. You can make these lovely sausages easily at home, so you don’t need to spend more than you need to at the store. But how do you stuff summer sausage casings by hand?

Stuffing summer sausage casings by hand is an easy task that takes some practice. You will need a funnel, summer sausage casings, a spoon, and the sausage meat. Ensure you soak the casings beforehand to make them pliable; place the casings onto the funnel and spoon in the meat filling.

how to stuff summer sausage casings by hand

Can you eat the summer sausage casings you use to make your sausages? How difficult is it to stuff a summer sausage by hand? Let’s find out!

Can You Stuff Summer Sausage Casings By Hand?

Making your own summer sausages is a fun task and offers you a sense of achievement when you finally get to bite into the delicious sausage you have made. 

Summer sausages are the perfect summer food because you can cook them into a lovely hot meal, you can smoke them and slice them for sandwich meat or have it with crackers and cheese. These sausages are versatile, but they can be expensive to buy from the store, so why not make your own?

Making your own summer sausages is a great way to save money while still having the joys have eating this delicious food, and it’s a fun way to spend a few hours in your kitchen. But, you might wonder if you need to have a fancy sausage stuffer to make these sausages. 

The nice thing about summer sausages is that you can stuff them by hand, and you don’t need any elaborate equipment to make perfectly delicious sausages. It’s relatively easy to stuff these sausages by hand, and it makes the achievement at the end that much sweeter. 

How To Stuff Summer Sausage Casings By Hand

You can easily stuff summer sausages by hand, so you don’t need to go out and buy an expensive sausage stuffer to enjoy some homemade summer sausages. However, hand stuffing summer sausages can take some time if you are inexperienced. Also, it will take some practice to stuff the sausages perfectly.

So, if you don’t get it right at first, don’t be discouraged as you will get there and be making perfect hand-made sausages in no time. Just be patient and keep trying. 

Summer sausage casings can be challenging to handle initially, but it becomes easy to stuff them with the sausage meat once you get the hang of it. 

Let’s go through how to stuff summer sausage casing by hand. 

Equipment Needed

Before you start stuffing your summer sausage casings with the delicious sausage meat, you will need to gather a few things to help you through the process. This equipment is easy to find and will help you immensely with stuffing the sausages, so be sure you have all the equipment before you begin.

Here is what you will need to stuff the summer sausage casings:

  • Summer sausage casings 
  • Warm water
  • A container that the sausage casings fit comfortably into
  • A funnel wide enough to let the sausage meat through but small enough to fit into the sausage casings openings 
  • Butchers twine or pliers 
  • Gloves for food safety purposes
  • Scissors 
  • A tablespoon
  • Your summer sausage meat

Method To Stuff Summer Sausage Casings

You are ready to start stuffing your summer sausage casings when you have everything on the list above. Be sure to go along with the step-by-step guide below as close as possible to ensure your sausages come out perfectly. 

Step 1 – before you bring stuffing the casings, you need to soak the summer sausage casings to make them pliable and easy to work with. So, fill the container with warm water and place the sausage casings into the water. Leave the casings, aka wrappers, to soak for about 20 minutes.

Step 2 – when the sausage casings are easier to work with, put your gloves on, take one out of the water and place the casing over the end of the funnel. Work the casing down onto the funnel until the funnel opening reaches the bottom of the sausage casing. 

Step 3 – squeeze the sausage casing tightly onto the funnel opening with one hand. Then with your other hand, spoon the sausage meat into the funnel. Push the sausage meat down the funnel with the spoon and into the casing. 

Step 4 – push as much of the sausage meat into the casing to fill the casing. Then, as the sausage wrapper starts to fill up, release some more of the casing from the hand holding the wrapper to the funnel. 

Step 5 – continue doing this until you have filled the casing with one inch left empty. If you are using a small sausage casing or until you have the length of sausage you want. You can close off the sausage and continue to make another sausage. 

Step 6 – to close off your sausage casing, you need to twist the casing tightly and then tie it off using the butcher’s twine or pinch it closed using the pliers. 

Using the butcher’s twine, cut off the excess twine with the scissors, leaving about one inch for easy removal after cooking. 

Your summer sausages are now ready to be cooked however you wish to cook them. Many people enjoy smoking their summer sausages to add that lovely smoky flavor. 

Can You Eat Summer Sausage Casings?

Once your summer sausages are cooked to perfection and ready to give them a try. You might wonder if you can eat the sausage casings. Usually, if you go for the proper summer sausage casings, you will need to remove the casings before you eat the sausage. 

This is because the summer sausage casings are usually made from an inedible material called cellulose. This is a synthetic sausage casing that should not be eaten. 

So, when you want to eat your summer sausages, you need to cut off the twine and then cut the casing down the middle of the sausage. Gently peel off the casing, and then enjoy your summer sausage. 

You can use edible casings but you will need to ask your butcher about them and see if they can provide you with these edible sausage casings. If you get these casings, you don’t need to remove them before eating the sausage. 

Final Word

Summer sausages are delicious, and you can easily make them at home for you and your family. You can hand stuff the casings with the sausage meat. Then tie off the casings to make your perfect summer sausages ready to cook. 

Just remember to remove the casings before you eat them. Enjoy your summer sausages!

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