How To Grill Pineapple On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

If you’ve never grilled a pineapple on your Pit Boss, you’re in for a treat. Grilling a pineapple brings out a sweet unique taste you just can’t get from eating it cold. Plus grilled pineapple makes for a fun, easy desert to go along with any meal.

Can You Grill Pineapple on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Yes, the Pit Boss pellet grill makes it extremely easy to grill a whole pineapple, wedges, slices, rounds, or etc. To grill the pineapple, cook on 500°F (260°C). You’re not actually cooking the pineapple, instead, you’re allowing the heat to caramelize the brown sugar.

how to grill pineapple on a Pit Boss pellet grill

Whether you have a Pit Boss, Traeger or any other pellet grill, this guide will show you how to do it. I’ve also got a video of my first time every grilling a pineapple with brown sugar.

This guide will walk you through everything you need to know as well as what I’ve learned from my personal experience.

So, let’s go.

Grilling Pineapple On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Grilling pineapple on the Pit Boss pellet grill (or any other grill) requires you to use fresh cut pineapple. To grill pineapple you’ll need the following:

  • Pit Boss pellet grill (or any other smoker)
  • Ripe pineapple
  • Sharp knife
  • Brown sugar, cinnamon, and maple
  • Fruitwood pellets
  • 10 minutes

This may sound complicated, especially, if you’ve never grilled a pineapple. However, once you see how easy it is and how great grilled pineapple tastes, it’ll be your new favorite treat to cook on the grill.

Can You Smoke Pineapple?

Yes, and many people have done it. The process for smoking and grilling pineapple is the same, the difference is you’ll want to set the grill to 250°F and cook it over indirect heat.

Smoking the pineapple will take about 30-45 minutes before you notice the nice golden brown caramelization.

I personally prefer not smoking the pineapple, as I didn’t like the taste of the smoke on the fruit. But give it a try to see if you like it.

How to Choose A Ripe Pineapple?

For best results, choose a ripe pineapple and grill it the day you’re ready to eat it. Cooked pineapple tastes best when it’s eaten right after it is grilled.

A ripe pineapple will have yellowish exterior that is slightly soft with a little bit of give when you squeeze it. I’ve always had trouble knowing how to pick a ripe pineapple, until I heard someone say that the easiest way to know it’s ripe is if you can pull out the leaves easily.

Another method is to smell the fruit. If you notice a “sweet smell” then it likely has a sweet taste.

For the best results, be sure to use a ripe, sweet pineapple. Here’s some more tips to help you choose a ripe pineapple.

How to Cut the Pineapple?

Cleaning and Prepping

Once you’ve purchased a pineapple from the grocery store, farmers market or etc, it’s time to prep it for the grill. Don’t worry about washing the outside, as you’ll be carving and removing the tough exterior.

Wedges, Slices, or Cubes?

It’s a personal choice on how to slice the pineapple. I’ve found that wedges work great, but many people have grilled slices, cubes and even a whole pineapple.

If you grill a whole pineapple, you’ll want to use a rotisserie attachment.

Some people prefer cutting the pineapple in cubes and putting them on skewers. The point is, it doesn’t matter how you cut it, as long as it doesn’t fall through the grates.

Cutting The Pineapple

Remove the Top and Bottom of the Pineapple

Use a sharp knife and cut the top and bottom of the pineapple. Some people save the top for garnish. The bottom of the pineapple contains a lot of juices, so you may want to eat it with a spoon.

Remove the Outer Layer

peel pineapple

Sit the pineapple on its bottom, and carefully remove the skin using a sharp knife. The easiest way to do this is to peel it like a potato.

Use the knife to remove all of the outer skin, without removing too much of the meat of the pineapple. Once the skin is removed, go back slice off the “eye” or brown spots that remain.

Slice the Pineapple and Remove Core

cut pineapple core

Next, slice the pineapple in wedges, rings or etc. To cut into wedges, cut the pineapple in half. You can then cut those halves into another half again.

Depending on the size of the pineapple, and how many people you want to feed, you may be able to cut it into 6 or more wedges.

Once all the wedges are cut, use a sharp knife to cut the core from each wedge. You don’t want to cook a pineapple with the core as it will make it hard to eat.

Seasoning the Pineapple

Seasoning the pineapple comes down to taste. Most people prefer to season their pineapple with brown sugar and cinnamon.

However, you can experiment with different seasonings to see what you like. You can even use traditional BBQ rubs if you wanted to. You may be surprised at how great pineapple makes most anything tastes.

We used plain old brown sugar when we grilled ours. It tasted fine, but next time we do it, we’re going to coat the pineapple with maple, before using brown sugar and some cinnamon to give it more flavor.

The maple is used to give it a glaze and makes it easier for the brown sugar to stick to the pineapple.

Once seasoned it’s time to get it on the grill.

How to Grill Pineapple on A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Step One: Preheat the Grill

Pull the grill away from the house and crank the temperature to 500°F. You can grill the pineapple over indirect or direct heat. If using direct heat, you’ll want to monitor closely, to make sure it doesn’t burn.

Don’t put the pineapple on the grill until it gets hot. If you’re going to grill the fruit on a rack, place the rack in the grill so it can be hot before putting the pineapple on it.

Waiting until the grill gets hot will prevent the fruit from sticking.

Step Two: Grill Settings

Leave the P-setting and all other settings on the grill default P-4 setting. Unless grilling in the cold weather, you won’t have to worry about it.

Step Three: Place the Pineapple on the Grill

Once the grill is hot, place it directly on the racks or a rack. Make sure the grill is clean, otherwise, the pineapple will get residue from previous cooks that will affect the taste.

Step Four: Caramelize the Pineapple

Close the lid and set a timer. You’re not actually cooking the pineapple. Instead, you’re leaving it on the grill long enough to turn a golden brown caramelization.

What Temperature Do You Cook Pineapple?

When grilling the pineapple set the grill temperature to 500°F or hotter. You want the grill as hot as possible, this will help caramelize the seasonings quickly so the pineapple won’t need to be in the grill very long.

How Long Does It Take To Grill Pineapple?

Pit Boss grilled pineapple

Grilling pineapple at 500°F will take about 5-10 minutes. Cook time will vary depending on the grill settings, outside temperature, grill hot spots, and how much pineapple you’re cooking.

Regardless of how long it takes, monitor the fruit closely. Remember, once you see a golden brown caramelization, you can remove it from the grill.

If you cook it too long, it will burn on the outside and be mushy on the inside. Which will ruin the taste.

Best Pellets to Grill Pineapple?

Apple, cherry, and maple are the best flavors to use for grilling pineapple. Although, since you’re grilling on high heat and it won’t be on the grill very long, it really won’t make a huge difference.

I always use applewood pellets whenever I’m cooking any type of fruit.

Avoid using mesquite or hickory as they are too strong and can impact the flavor of the fruit.

Do You Let Pineapple Rest?

No, the pineapple is best when it’s eaten directly off the grill. You will want to ensure it is cool enough so it doesn’t burn your tongue and mouth.

However, other than that, you’ll enjoy it best when eaten hot.

How to Serve Grilled Pineapple?

Grilled pineapple can be eaten as a dessert similar to how Brazdillain Steakhouse does it. Throw some on the grill after eating and surprise your guests with a flavorful desert everyone will love.

It also goes great with smoked ham, pork chops, or as an appetizer for salad. The different ways to eat it are endless, the only limitations are the ones you instill.

Final Word

Grilled pineapple is extremely easy to make and can be done in about 5-10 minutes. The next time you’re looking for a quick desert idea, throw some pineapple on the grill.

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