Can You Use An Extension Cord With A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

It is a common question, “Can I use an extension cord with my Pit Boss Pellet Grill?” The cord it comes with is not long enough to pull the grill away from the wall. And if so, what kind of extension cord works best?

Can You Use An Extension Cord With A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

The owner’s manual specifically states it’s fine to use an extension cord with their pellet grills. According to PIt Boss, the extension cord should be a maximum length of 7.6 meters (25 feet long), with a minimum gauge of 12/3. It should also be grounded and used with a GFCI breaker.

can you use an extension cord with a Pit Boss pellet grill

An extension cord is a must-have in the household and in most cases, you can use it with your pit boss pellet grill. It’s important to choose the right extension cord based on the pellet grill’s wattage or amperage rating.

Choosing the wrong cord can result in severe damage such as electrical shock or fire, overheating issues, and damage to the appliance.

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Most people will already have an extension cord in their garage, basement, or outdoor building. But it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right one to use for the pellet grill.

Choosing an extension cord for your appliance is not as easy as it seems. There are all kinds of questions that can pop up such as:

  • How many amps, do I need?
  • What gauge extension cord do I need?
  • Do I need a certified extension cord?
  • Is the Pit Boss power cord detachable?
  • Why does the Pit Boss grill have a 3-prong plugin?

I’ll answer all these questions about Pit Boss and the extension cords in this article.

Let’s get started!

Why You Should Use An Extension Cord With Your Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

One reason to use an extension cord with your pit boss pellet grill is that it allows for more space between the grill and the outlet. This can also prevent you from tripping over the cord while you are cooking.

The Pit Boss comes with a six-foot cord, but that’s not long enough to pull the grill away from the wall.

Another reason to use an extension cord with your pit boss pellet grill is that they are inexpensive. The cost of a 50-foot 14/3 extension cord, for example, starts at just $30!

Finally, using an extension cord will ensure you’re using the grill a safe distance away from your home, outside the garage, or anywhere the grill shouldn’t be used due to safety issues.

How The Pit Boss Is Powered

Unlike other grills, the Pit Boss pellet grill is an electrical appliance that requires 110-120 V, 60HZ, and 3.1 amps to operate its components such as; the probes, control board and etc.

If you’re not sure how the grill works, you can read this article which covers everything about the amps, wattage, and electrical components, and more.

What to Look For In An Extension Cord

Length of Cord

Avoid using an extension cord that is too long. According to Pit Boss, you should avoid using an extension cord that is longer than 25 feet. The reason being is that extension cords are resistors and the longer the cord, the more resistant it will be.

Most people choose the longest cord they can find because it’s easier to move the appliance anywhere. However, you’ll experience voltage drops if the cord is too long.

Below is a table of the different lengths of extension cords and the amount of voltage drop you’ll experience based on length.

Current DrawMin. Wire GaugeVoltage DropSize Wire (FT)
10 Amps14-gauge1.29%25 ft
15 Amps14-gauge1.94%25 ft
20 Amps14-gauge2.58%25 ft
15 Amps14 gauge3.88%50 ft

Before buying an extension cord for any appliance in your home, you’ll need to know the amps, and the wattage it uses.

Make Sure It’s Certified

Most people choose an extension cord based on price, the cheaper the better. Unfortunately, cheap extension cords are not certified, making them more vulnerable to fire hazards.

Instead, look for an extension cord where you see the CE or UL label.

UL: Underwriters Laboratories (a third-party certification company)that has ensured the cord has gone through the proper testing and can handle the stated current on the label.

CE: The European equivalent of UL aka Conformité Européenne, cannot be sold in the EU until it passes the required CE tests.

Gauge Rating

The gauge rating of an extension cord is measured in terms of the American Wire Gauge (AWG), meaning the smaller the number the bigger the gauge, wattage, and amperage.

Plus, a larger gauge cord won’t experience as much voltage drop over distance as a smaller gauge cord. According to this smoking forum, a 12 or 14 gauge extension cord is safe enough to use with the Pit Boss, without experiencing any noticeable voltage drops.

Three-Prong Extension Cord

Most household appliances utilizing the 3-prong cord, including the Pit Boss. The third prong is the ground connector, meaning it creates a low resistance grounding path to the main electrical panel.

In the event of a hiccup, power outage, etc it trips the breaker, stopping the flow of electricity. Preventing damage to the appliance, fire hazard, or electrical shock.

Using a 2-prong extension cord won’t be connected to the ground wire in the cord, exposing both you and the appliance to severe damage or injury.  

Outdoor Use

Pellet grills are used outside, therefore, you’ll want an extension cord that is resistant to water and outdoor weather. Outdoor extension cords are made with durable insulation that protects the electrical components against moisture, humidity, and any temperature changes.

SJTW is a hard thermoplastic cable that is approved for outdoor use on small appliances with less than 300 volts like the Pit Boss grill.

Best Extension Cords for Pit Boss Pellet Grills

Now that you know what to look for in an extension cord, I’ve listed some of the best extension cords for pellet grills. These extension cords are perfect to use with your pellet grill, as long as you don’t try to overload them by plugging in speakers, lights, or anything else while cooking.

Use one extension cord for the pellet grill and don’t plug in anything else to it.

The Otimo 25 Foot SJTW heavy-duty extension cord is perfect for connecting the Pit Boss to the electrical outlet. It is an SJTW cord manufactured with high-quality material that is water-resistant, making it great for outdoor use.

Otimo 25 Ft 12/3 SJTW Red, Heavy Duty Outdoor...
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOORS: Our extra heavy duty outdoor extension cord is made of water-resistant and flame-resistant material.
  • GREAT FOR OUTDOORS: Our extra heavy duty outdoor extension cord is made of water-resistant and flame-resistant material.
  • EASY VISIBILITY: The power extension cable has a high visibility bright red color so you can easily find and distinguish the cable from other objects.
  • ENHANCED SAFETY: The clear red color on the end of the cord makes it easy to see where you are plugging in, even at night, so you don't trip over it or damage anything by accident.
  • LENGTH: This 25 ft extension cord extends to the location of your choice.

It is a 25-foot cord with a 15 Amp, 125 V, and 1875 watt rating, making it more than sufficient to power the grill.

If a 25-foot extension cord isn’t long enough, then consider the Southwire SJTW 12/3 extension cord strong enough for commercial use.

Southwire 2588SW0002 Outdoor Cord-12/3 SJTW Heavy...
  • ALL PURPOSE EXTENSION CORD for Indoor and Outdoor use Great for landscaping; gardening; and powering appliances
  • HIGHLY VISIBLE yellow jacket provides extra safety and will not mark floors or walls
  • WATER RESISTANT: Flexible vinyl jacket provides protection of the cord against moisture; abrasion; and sunlight
  • REINFORCED BLADES add durability that protects prongs from bending and/or breaking
  • LIGHTED END indicates power is onUL Listed

Like the Otimo cord, it can be used for both indoor and outdoor use. It is constructed of high-quality material making it resistant to abrasion, sunlight, and moisture.

The prongs are protected with reinforced blades that prevent them from bending or breaking. It is UL certified with a 15 amp, 120 V, and 1875 watts capability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Using An Extension Cord Affect My Cook Time?

Most people won’t notice a difference in the cook time when using an extension cord. That said, long extension cords increase resistance, meaning using one that is too long can affect the way the grill cooks.

For example, a 12 gauge, 50-foot cord that draws 20 amps will experience a 3.33% voltage drop. The higher current draw will produce a higher voltage drop.

Final Word

Choosing the right extension cord for your pit boss pellet grill is very important. You want to make sure that you purchase an extension cord with enough length and thickness so it can handle the power needs of your appliance.

Getting the wrong extension cord will result in either not enough power for your grill to operate, or worse yet it could result in damage to both you or your grill.

Just make sure you get an extension cord with the right gauge, length, and it’s rated for outdoor use.

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