Can You Eat The Skin On Smoked Turkey?

Have you ever tried smoked turkey? If you have, then chances are that you enjoyed it. But what about the skin? Some people don’t eat it because they wonder if it’s safe. So let’s look into this further and see why some people forego eating the skin of a smoked turkey.

Eating smoked turkey skin is perfectly safe to do. However, some people don’t eat the skin if they don’t like it or if the skin is not prepared correctly and comes out rubbery or soggy, making it unpleasant to eat. There are methods you can use to ensure your turkey skin is crispy. 

can you eat the skin on smoked turkey

This article will go through the methods you can use to ensure your smoked turkey skin comes out perfectly crispy and delicious to eat so you get the most enjoyment possible from your turkey and don’t waste any edible parts. 

Is It Safe To Eat The Skin On Smoked Turkey?

Smoked turkey is a favorite meat enjoyed by many families across the world. It can be eaten during special occasions like Thanksgiving or simply as a delicious and easy meal for any day of the week.

Smoked turkey is versatile and can be used in many different dishes, and is delicious, which is why many people enjoy it. 

If you are smoking a turkey, you might have a few questions, including if you can eat the turkey skin after smoking it. 

Many people have this question, as some say it’s not healthy to eat smoked turkey skin. This is not true; it’s perfectly safe to eat the skin.

Some people even consider it the best part of the turkey when smoked correctly. 

How To Ensure Smoked Turkey Skin Is Crispy

Eating smoked turkey skin is perfectly safe and can be extremely delicious if you know how to smoke it correctly. When the turkey skin is smoked correctly and is flavorful and crispy, you will have people fighting over it at the dinner table. 

The only reason some people don’t eat the turkey skin once the bird has been smoked is that they have not prioritized the skin along with the meat during the smoking process. This can make the skin rubbery and unpleasant to eat. 

However, if you prioritize the skin with the meat of the turkey when you smoke it, you can ensure the skin is crispy and packed with flavor. In addition, you can do a few things to ensure your smoked turkey skin is delicious and perfect for eating. 

These things are easy to implement or avoid and will ensure that the turkey skin and meat are cooked to perfection and will have everyone coming back for more. 

So, let’s go through these methods to ensure your turkey skin is perfect and crispy. 

Maintain The Correct Smoking Temperature

To ensure the smoked turkey’s skin is a lovely golden brown and crispy, you must monitor the temperature throughout the smoking process. The temperature must be maintained and must not fluctuate during the smoking process. 

With most smoked turkey recipes, you need to smoke the turkey low and slow to ensure it has a lovely smoked flavor while keeping the meat juicy. Unfortunately, this smoking method will lead to rubbery turkey skin that is unpleasant to eat. 

If you want the smoked turkey’s skin to be crispy, you need to smoke the turkey on high heat to ensure some of the fat from the turkey is rendered out to allow the skin to crisp up.

The ideal temperature for this is between 275°F and 325°F, so you should look for a smoked turkey recipe that has this smoking temperature. 

Don’t Baste Or Brine The Turkey

If you want to have crisp and golden turkey skin on your smoked turkey, you need to avoid adding extra moisture to the turkey skin before and while smoking it. 

Many recipes want you to baste or brine the turkey to ensure it comes out juicy and flavorful. 

These methods are acceptable if you don’t want to eat the turkey skin, as they can make it rubbery. 

However, if you want to eat the skin, you must use another method to flavor your turkey with a baste or brining liquid. 

To ensure your turkey meat is juicy and tender and the skin is crispy, inject the turkey with a baste or brine before you smoke it. This will help keep the skin dry while ensuring the meat is moist. 

You can use a dry run on your turkey with this method to add extra flavor. 

Don’t Tent The Turkey While Smoking

If you want your turkey skin to be crispy and delicious to eat after smoking, you need to avoid tenting the turkey after smoking it. 

This is when you wrap the turkey in aluminum foil once it’s smoked to allow it to rest and preserve all the juices inside the turkey. 

Tenting your smoked turkey will make the skin soggy, which some people still won’t mind eating, but others may have a hard time eating it.  

You can avoid the need for tenting your turkey by ensuring adequate airflow around your turkey while it’s smoking and maintaining a high smoking temperature.

Dry The Skin Before Smoking The Turkey

Another way to help ensure your turkey skin is crispy and good to eat after smoking is to dry the skin before smoking the turkey. You can use a paper towel to dab off any extra moisture on the turkey’s skin. 

You will need to let the turkey defrost thoroughly, then leave it on your kitchen counter for about one hour before you prepare it to allow it to air dry slightly. Then use the paper towel to blot off the extra moisture from the skin and prepare your turkey as you usually would.

Rub The Turkey With Baking Powder Before Smoking 

Another method you can utilize to help keep the turkey skin crispy while smoking is to cover the turkey in baking powder. Once the turkey has been dried with a paper towel, you can cover the outside with some baking powder. 

Then cover the turkey in some cooking oil of your choice and add your dry spice rub to the turkey. This will ensure the skin comes out crispy and the meat stays moist. 

Final Word

Smoked turkey is popular meat that many families around the world enjoy. For most people, the turkey skin is the best part of the smoked turkey, and it’s perfectly safe to eat. 

The only reason why some people won’t eat the skin is if the skin is not smoked correctly and comes out rubbery or soggy. 

Luckily, there are several methods mentioned in this article that you can use to help ensure the turkey skin is crispy and perfect for eating. Good luck smoking your next turkey!

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