Can You Cook Frozen Chicken On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

The Pit Boss pellet grill makes it easy to cook chicken right from the comfort of your backyard. Chicken goes with anything, which is why it’s so popular among backyard grillers. You can prepare it virtually any way, from chicken nuggets, chicken wings, spatchcock chicken, etc. Heck, you can even cook it frozen. 

Can You Cook Frozen Chicken On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

You can cook frozen chicken on a Pit Boss pellet grill. To do this:

can you cook frozen chicken on a Pit Boss pellet grill
  1. Turn the temperature on high. Never use the slow and low method for cooking frozen chicken.
  2. Once the grill is hot, place it directly on the grates and leave it on the smoker for 40 minutes.
  3. After 40 minutes or once the chicken is thawed, season it and continue cooking until it reaches an internal temperature of 165℉.

So why would you cook frozen chicken? What’s the best method to cook it? And is it safe to cook frozen chicken? If you’ve ever wondered can I cook frozen chicken on a Pit Boss, your questions will be answered below.

This tutorial will walk you through step by step how to grill chicken breast (not frozen) on the Pit Boss.

How Long Does Frozen Chicken Need to Be Cooked For?

There are a couple of factors that affect the answer to this. Typically, the rule of thumb is that frozen chicken will take about fifty percent longer to cook than thawed chicken does. 

However, that percentage can change based on how big the piece of chicken is. 

If the piece is smaller, it may not take much longer, but on the flip side, it could take much longer to cook if the piece of chicken is bigger than, say, the average chicken breast. 

Regardless of the size, it will take less time overall than it does to thaw your chicken for the whole day and then cook it.

Why Cook Frozen Chicken on A Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

It can be challenging to remember to pull the chicken out of the freezer for dinner with our busy lifestyles. That said, the Pit Boss pellet grill makes it easy to cook frozen burgers, chicken, or any other frozen meats. 

You have more control over the temperature, which will help you cook frozen foods evenly throughout.

That said, avoid using the slow and low cooking method on frozen chicken. This is because it will take too long for the chicken to get out of the danger zone, where bacteria grows.   

Is It Safe To Grill Frozen Chicken On A Pit Boss?

According to the USDA, it is completely safe to take the chicken straight from the freezer to the grill! The most important thing is that you make sure you cook it to the correct temperature, and you can check that by using a meat thermometer.

However, you also need to make sure your frozen chicken is still good and ready for the grill and eaten after. 

To be sure your chicken is still safe to be cooked and eaten, there are a couple of things you can check for.

The first thing to check for is the color in the fleshy part of the chicken. It should be a nice pink color throughout. 

If your chicken has gone bad or gotten freezer burn, the chicken will start to turn a dull gray color. If this happens, you need to throw out the meat.

The second thing to check for is color, but this time look at the color of the fat. Again, in chicken that is still good, the fat will be a bright white color. 

The fat will go from a bright white to a grayish color in frozen chicken that has gone bad. Similar to that of the flesh that has gone bad.

You also need to keep track of how long you have had the chicken in the freezer. While frozen chicken is still good well past the expiration date, it doesn’t last forever. 

It is recommended to write the date on the chicken of the day it goes into the freezer. Whole chickens are good for up to a year, parts of the chicken (like breasts or thighs) are good for up to nine months, and giblets or smaller pieces are good for three to four months.

What Is The Best Method to Grill Frozen Chicken? 

One of the best and easiest ways to grill frozen chicken is to place it on a plate and season it however you want. Use a little bit of olive oil to help the chicken retain moisture and to help the seasoning stick. 

Some people prefer cooking the chicken for about 30-40 minutes until it thaws out. Once it thaws out on the grill, you can season it as you want. Just remember, the chicken will be hot to touch, so ensure you’re using gloves. 

The chicken needs to sit at room temperature for about half an hour before you throw it on the grill. While it is sitting, turn the grill on and set it to medium. Let it heat up for about fifteen minutes before you put the chicken right onto the grill.

Since the chicken is frozen, you have to cook it a little longer than you normally cook thawed chicken. To be sure it is cooked thoroughly and correctly, use a meat thermometer. 

The inside of the chicken needs to be cooked to at least 160 to 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Just make sure you don’t poke the thermometer all the way through to the grill, or your temperature will be incorrect!

Adding Seasoning to Frozen Chicken

Grilling plain chicken breast does not sound very appealing to you. But frozen chicken is rock solid, and as a result, herbs and rubs may not stick to the chicken very well. 

You could end up with patchy seasoning that won’t taste very good when the chicken is cooked. To avoid this, you need to let the chicken sit for a little bit to start to form a wet coating from the ice on the outside of the chicken. 

As mentioned above, letting the chicken sit for half an hour before throwing it on the grill will be highly beneficial and is recommended.

Once your chicken has this wet coating, use oil and give it a good layer. Olive oil is always good as it is a mild flavor and won’t overpower the taste of your seasonings. 

You could also use melted butter. Both will help your chicken retain its moisture as you cook it. 

Once you have coated the chicken, you can sprinkle on your spices and herbs or stick to salt and pepper. Make sure you do both sides so that it is prepped and ready as soon as your grill is heated to the right temperature.

Final Word

Instead of panicking when you get home after a busy workday because you forgot to thaw your chicken, pull out that frozen chicken breast that has been sitting in the freezer for a month, toss some seasoning on it, and grill it up! 

You’ll have yourself an easy, quick, and healthy meal in no time!

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