Can I Put A Glass Pyrex Dish On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill? [What to Look For]

Pyrex glass kitchenware merges elegance and handiness. You may opt to put all raw ingredients on it, shove it into the oven, and serve right away after the cooking is done. If you’re not fond of having many kitchenwares to clean, glass pyrex kitchenware is surely for you.

It’s a fact that Pyrex glass is safe for ovens. Have you tried using them in your Pit Boss pellet grill too? No? It’s safe. If you find this hard to believe, I’ll convince you with this article.

can I put glass pyrex dish on a Pit Boss grill

Can I Put A Glass Pyrex Dish on a Pit Boss Pellet Grill?

Yes, Pyrex® glass can withstand average cooking temperatures from 446℉ to a maximum temperature of 914℉. Glassware can withstand both hot and cold temperatures, but a sudden change in temperatures can cause it to break. In addition, using glassware in the smoker can make it challenging to clean. 

That said, not all glassware is created the same. This article will help you know what to look for when deciding to use glass bakeware in your Pit Boss pellet grill or any other pellet smoker. 

Pyrex Glass Dish: What You Need To Look Out For

The heat resistance of a pyrex glass dish heavily depends on the material that the manufacturers used for making it. Manufacturers choose between two materials at present; borosilicate glass and soda-lime glass.

Pyrex glass dish made out of borosilicate glass is thermal shock resistant. 

This means that it doesn’t break easily even if exposed to sudden temperature shifts (e.g., borosilicate pyrex glass won’t break even if you put it immediately in the pellet grill after taking it out of the fridge).

On the other hand, pyrex glass made out of soda lime resists heat but isn’t shock resistant. This means that abrupt temperature changes might cause it to crack or break (e.g., you have to set a soda-lime pyrex glass aside for a while and let it adjust to room temperature before putting it in the pellet grill).

Borosilicate pyrex glassfish is, without a doubt, better than soda-lime pyrex glass dish because it’s more durable. However, it’s disheartening that most pyrex glass in the market is made out of soda-lime. Manufacturers prefer this because it cuts costs for production.

Where Do You Find Borosilicate Pyrex Glass Dish?

According to Tasteofhome, you’ll find numerous borosilicate pyrex glass dishes in vintage shops. These are those that have been manufactured during the 1900s. Vintage Pyrex dishes mostly bear the Corning logo. 

It’s because Corning pioneered the production of pyrex glass dish using borosilicate.

You may also try stores that import pyrex glass dishes from Europe. However, European pyrex still adheres to the art of using borosilicate glass.

I don’t mean to incite racism but avoid buying a China-made pyrex glass dish. Most of these have a terrible record of cracking or breaking when in use. 

I guess they’re made out of soda-lime combined with other raw materials for making glass kitchenware.

How Do You Know if Pyrex Glass Dish Is Made Out of Borosilicate or Soda Lime?

A Pyrex glass dish made from borosilicate and a pyrex glass dish made out of soda-lime look the same. For this reason, you can’t use appearance to know which is which. A thermal shock test is an option, but it would make the pyrex glass dish useless afterward. Yeah, I know, it’s tricky.

Even so, there’s one simple way for you to know if a pyrex glass dish is made out of borosilicate or soda lime. All you have to do is find the brand logo.

Two pyrex manufacturers implement this helpful initiative to buyers, Corning and PYREX®. If you buy pyrex glass dishes from these brands, look for the brand logo, which could be on the bottom center portion or the center surface portion of the product.

If the brand logo is capitalized all throughout, then the pyrex glass dish is made out of borosilicate. If you found the opposite, then the pyrex glass dish is made out of soda lime. A non-capitalized brand logo means that these are manufactured in the U.S. or somewhere else aside from Europe.

What’s The Best Type of Pellet Grill For Pyrex Glass Dish?

The horizontal pellet grill will be a better choice if you’re planning to use a pyrex glass dish with it. By the way, there are two types of pellet grills; horizontal and vertical. 

I already gave a short discussion in an article that answered questions about using cast iron on a pellet grill. With that being said, you might want to read that if it’s your first time here.

Going back to the topic, you might want to use a vertical pellet grill because it has the optimal temperature for smoking or grilling food with a pyrex glass dish. Its temperature range is between 100 degrees celsius – 400 degrees celsius, which is the heat range that most pyrex glass dishes can withstand.

I also want to talk a little about the appropriate pellet to use if you’re going to put a pyrex glass dish on the vertical grill. Wood pellets made from elk or mixed with elk. Elk burns slowly. And for this reason, it won’t cause temperature spikes that might result in the breakage of the pyrex glass dish inside.

How Many Pyrex Glass Dishes Fit In The Pit Boss?

How many pyrex glass dishes will fit in a vertical pellet grill anyway? You can put at least eight small-sized pyrex glass dishes. After that, 5 or 4 will fit if they’re medium-sized. Finally, if you’re using a family-size pyrex glass dish, only three will fit.

Of course, this will vary depending on how much cooking space your grill has. 

Cleaning Pyrex After It Has Been In The Smoker?

Unfortunately, when using the glassware in a pellet grill will cause it to look opaque or black after being coated with smoke. After using the glassware in the smoker, you’ll want to scrub it with hot water and steel wool.

The steel wool and elbow grease should get rid of the markings.

Make sure you allow the glassware to cool before cleaning it. Trying to clean it when it’s too hot can lead to injuries.

That said, if you can’t get it clean, you may want to consider tossing it away and ordering a new one.

Is It True That Cooking Will Take Longer With Pyrex Glass Dish?

Grilling or baking using a pyrex glass dish in a pellet grill takes longer than a cast iron. Glass is a poor conductor of heat. And as a result, with a pyrex glass dish, the cooking time of raw ingredients might take twice or thrice to finish. Nevertheless, using a pyrex glass dish is advantageous because you can serve the food immediately. With it, you won’t have to use any other dishes for serving.

Also, the Pyrex glass dish is rust-free. This means that you can shove the leftovers on the fridge right then and there. However, if you’re using cast iron, know that you’ll have to transfer the leftovers to a Tupperware or any similar container because the moisture in the fridge promotes rusting.

Final Word

Yes, you can use glassware in the Pit Boss pellet grill. That said, glassware made of borosilicate glass will withstand higher temperatures the best. 

Metal pans such as cast iron will heat up faster, but glass pans will hold a more consistent temperature, which can make cooking on the Pit Boss much easier!

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