Boneless Vs Bone In Short Ribs Cooking Time [And More]

We have all been there; you have a delicious-looking recipe, but only to find that the available meat might not be the right sort for it. One thing is different in this situation, which is that, thankfully, boneless versus bone-in short ribs are not that different (even though they are technically entirely different cuts of meat). So what is the cooking time difference?

Braising is a common way of preparing short ribs; if cooking bone-in short ribs, you are looking at braising them and then roasting them at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for 2.5 hours. Boneless short ribs will take less time, so check them after an hour and a half and consider lowering the temperature.

boneless vs bone in short ribs cooking time

Pork ribs are certainly more popular, and perhaps more people are versed in cooking them, but beef short ribs, boneless or not, are versatile in their own right. 

What is great about them is that they are not an expensive cut of meat either, and they are the pinnacle of options for making meals for beef lovers. So, to learn more about these two options, read on. 

The Difference Between Boneless Vs. Bone-In Short Ribs

We need to establish right off the bat that those flavorful, delicious, and easy-to-prepare short ribs are not genuinely cut from the cow’s rib section. This is the boneless version we are referring to, and they come from the animal’s shoulder or chuck. 

Therefore, if you have a chuck roast recipe, your best substitute will be boneless short ribs.

The thing to bear in mind, though, is that you could always purchase chuck and then cut it into serveable sizes because you will discover is that an equal weight of chuck roast and boneless short ribs do not cost much the same price. Instead, you will pay a lot less for the chuck roast option and have what is quite simply highly analogous meat. 

Although bone-in short ribs are a similar kind of meat to boneless short ribs, they are cut from a different section of the animal and are significantly more expensive. 

This is because they are cut from the plate or rib section of the cow, and the meat consists of a short portion of rib bone surrounded by the actual meat. 

Some Basics About Boneless And Bone In Short Ribs Before Cooking

These two types of meat can be slow-cooked, and the results are mouthwatering. What is fantastic is that each cooking method is effortless, and you are left with excellent results. One of the most common ways of preparing these dishes is to oven-braise them; however, this option is better for boneless short ribs. 

Should You Brown The Ribs Before Braising Them?

The option is up to you; however, both ways have been tried and tested, and the consensus is that you do not need to brown them first. Some people like to brown their ribs in a skillet before braising them, but we have found that the result is just as good if you opt to skip this step entirely. 

The Best Way To Cook Short Ribs?

For this kind of meat, you want to opt for the slower option; throwing them on the grill will cook them, but allowing them up to roughly three hours to truly stew away and tenderize is what we are going for. Therefore a slow oven cooking method is preferred.

Do You Need To Marinate Short Ribs?

You are welcome to do this if you wish, but this step may be unnecessary again. This is because the slow way they are cooked tenderizes the meat so nicely and allows the meat time to soak up the spices you add in. 

The choice is up to you, but your meat should taste just as good even if you skip this step.

How To Cook Boneless Short Ribs

So you have yourself some delectable boneless short ribs, and now you wonder how to proceed with cooking them. Do not fear; we, too, have all been in the position of not knowing where to start, but thankfully we have you covered in this department. 

There are more complicated methods, but follow our tips, and you are guaranteed success.

You will begin with preparing the ribs, but you want to make yourself a delicious marinade before that. This part is entirely up to you and what type of flavoring you want to have to enhance the overall dish. 

You will then place the ribs in the oven, and after roughly three hours, you will be well rewarded for your efforts. 

To start, cut your ribs in half and arrange them in a rimmed baking dish; apart from the marinating, you may also wish to add additional seasonings such as salt and pepper or leave this for those consuming it to apply later on once the dish is prepared. 

You want to double layer the baking dish tightly with foil and allow them to bake for 2.5 hours at 300°F. Once done, carefully remove the ribs from the oven and take off the foil (you will no longer need this). 

Then, you will baste the ribs and place them back in the oven to continue baking. You can then use the braising liquid as a sauce to dip them in if you like. 

Cooking Bone In Short Ribs

You can roast your bone-in short ribs, but we would certainly recommend trying your hand at braising them, as this results in a succulent and immensely flavorful dish that will leave your friends and family licking their chops. 

Many people enjoy beef when it is well cooked and nice and tender with some delicious juiciness to it, and that is what we are aiming for here today.

This slow cooking method of preparing your well-marbled meat will do just that. Unfortunately, you will unlikely find bone-in short ribs packed and ready to go, and therefore, you may need to talk to your butcher; however, do not be dismayed, as they will most certainly have just what you are looking for.

Now you need to know what you are asking for, and that is why we are going to quickly outline just precisely it is what you may want to ask the butcher for. 

The first kind of bone-in short rib is known as the English style, and with this, the meaty rib is cut to a six-inch length. 

The next option is flanken-style, which is about the same size but cut crosswise. Each piece has three short bones attached; however, either one of these options is an excellent choice. We should note that bone-in is actually preferable to boneless as the bone-in tends to offer a more extraordinary flavor.

You will prepare and cook the bone-in short ribs in the same fashion as the boneless, and apart from the marinade, you can also opt to cook some vegetables, such as carrots, in the same oven-safe container. 

So be sure to add your beef, have your marinade ready, put in some onions, and be sure to sprinkle in some herbs of your choice – you may even decide to add some wine into the mix.

However, consider adding the vegetables only about halfway during the cooking process, or prepare them separately and then plate everything together later. 

The main reason to do this is to ensure that the vegetables do not become too soft and retain their color. 

Final Word

Preparing short ribs, bone-in or boneless, can be fun and easy, and hassle-free. There are also various types of marinades you can use for the dish, and you can season it to your liking. 

We certainly hope that we have helped solve all the unanswered questions you had regarding the boneless versus bone-in short ribs and now feel better equipped to handle the task.

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